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Martial Law Just Around The Corner

China is Crumbling at an Astonishing Rate

Y'all, the latest China Observer video is crazy. Chris and I just watched it together, and the footage was so outrageous and the policies of the CCP so insane I had to write about it. I implore you to take 13 minutes to watch what is going on over there. Once again, we all know that any information from China for the West to see, read, or hear about is scant at best. If these videos' information is remotely true, we are being lied to about China.

The CCP's zero COVID mandates are spiraling out of control. After three years of shutdowns, lock-ins, and mass nucleic acid testing, the people are at their breaking point. Many preppers ask when people will revolt, and this video answers that burning question in real-time—when the food runs out. Videos continue to pour in on social media of people starving, kids crying due to lack of food, and parents furious that the CCP is locking them in with no assistance. Local government aid workers sell the food at huge markups if support does arrive. One little nine-year-old girl had gone without food for 3-4 days while her parents had to work. There are numerous videos of children passing out, adults trying to jump to their deaths, and people crying on the streets, begging for some food.

How long can this continue?

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar. The CCP sent out a memo in the news saying, "...under the epidemic, do not create rumors, believe in rumors, or spread rumors." Now replace the word rumors with "disinformation," and we have an exact match to what is happening here in the United States. Amazing times.

Controlling the narrative

The CCP has invented a new term called: a silent management system, which effectively hinders any communication amongst neighbors, friends, or relatives—establishing verbal martial law. During the silence, residents are to be at home with no contact. Hmmm, I wonder why that is? To me, this is a last-ditch effort by a frantic totalitarian state in crisis mode. Of course, the party of chaos in the U.S. will do the same thing, but it will blow up in their moronic faces just like everything else they do. Wait and see.

The abusive regulations have accelerated collapse by forcing food assistance to be slowed—creating a humanitarian crisis in locked-down cities. Most residents are starving in their homes. In one large apartment complex, the local COVID czar confiscated all the food that was supposed to go to the hundreds of residents, causing outrage. These local officials and neighborhood committees have taken the free food the government sent and sold them to residents jacking up the prices more and more. Residents were understandably furious and rioted. The police present were unable to maintain order. Indicating that cracks are forming.

Video footage shows the propaganda machine using hundreds of "aid" workers moving food in long assembly lines but failing to show any food making it to hungry citizens. So the 50,000 citizens in that particular city are screwed because the CCP only sent enough food for around 16,000 people. If it weren't so awful seeing these innocent people starving, the blatant propaganda the CCP puts out would be hilarious.

How is any of this sustainable long-term?

Those favored by the government have shown on social media the plethora of food they receive. Playing favorites keeps some people in check but only exacerbates the anger of those not benefiting. Unfortunately, this is what the North Korean government does and will soon be mimicked by D.C. once food shortages start to bite.

At minute 7, a city under draconian rules has been closed down and walled off. Hospitals are unable to get proper care to patients. The lack of food and water for those in these facilities has caused further problems. Any places slowly coming out from under heavy restrictions find food scarce and unaffordable. Children have died from diarrhea, and even some elderly people have hung themselves out of desperation. No matter who is locked in or starving, the CCP mandates complete obedience to nucleic acid testing. When someone is not cleared in time, police track them down, beat them, and jail them.

Once again, please watch the video to see for yourself. For me, I believe China is in serious trouble. The government is scrambling to maintain order at all costs. China is probably 2-6 months from complete implosion. What happens when the northern half of China freezes this winter? The drought is still ongoing, factories are without power, and millions of acres of farmland have dried up. If the citizenry owned guns, the place would be in a civil war. China is unsustainable in any era, let alone the limits to growth they are hitting. I'm not quite sure why we are lied to about China being a "huge superpower" or "threat." Perhaps the West needs a few boogymen to scapegoat problems? So many American politicians are on the CCP payroll it is going to be interesting how this plays out and what resources will be packed up and shipped to China because of those relationships.

Either way, the people are reaching a breaking point. The million-dollar question of when people leave their homes and lose their shit on the government is simple—when the food runs out. The same is coming here, no question. If the CCP is shutting places down to conserve energy, control the masses, and maintain their control, rest assured D.C. will do the same thing. There are a few differences, however. Americans are not as comatose as the government thinks they are. They own a lot of guns, and their entitlement will not accept anything less than what they are used to. When food is hard to come by, D.C. will mandate the people to do something like the CCP does, and martial law will be enacted, then starts the count down to civil war and regime change.

Rations for a family of 4 for 3-4 days

Key Takeaways

Many of the tactics used in China will be used here in the coming months. The lame duck threats President Biden made in his recent speech, and the targeting of Trump supporters is exactly what failing governments do to remain in power. In a way, their vain attempts to stop the inevitable speed it up. In the meantime, between now and then, we need to pay attention and then act. It's nice to talk about these problems, but we are responsible for our health and safety. That means taking steps to put the extra food away and encouraging others who are receptive to do the same without compromising your work. I would suggest buying fruit trees, vegetable seeds, and perennials vegetables this fall instead of waiting for spring. Lord knows what could be going on by then, so it's good to be a minute early than a second late.

Once again, if this information is factual, China is crumbling at an astonishing rate. They have a mastery of propaganda, but that does not mean they are masters of reality. I see that the era of financialization is over, and we are returning to a long era of physical commodities guiding economies. This leads me to believe the only candidate for empire in the twilight of industrial civilization is Russia. Gasp! Washington is doing everything possible to stop Russia, but the U.S. is over. Russia has competent leadership that is in it to win it compared to the oligarchic crybabies running things in the U.S. China, on the other hand, is way too overpopulated, consumes way too much energy, and suffers from leadership that cannot effectively adapt to resource scarcity. They had a good run for 30+ years, but it's closing time. The U.S. and China have to pay up.

Uncle Sam isn't looking too good

Back home, plan for continued mismanagement by Washington no matter who is "running" things. We have almost 70-90 years of a managerial class incapable of productive thought, let alone action so lower expectations. Those in charge are narcissistic psychopaths unable to adapt, admit failure, or put others ahead of themselves. Knowing this, expect them to blunder through crisis after crisis attempting to put out fires by throwing more gas on the flames. We can expect to see further loss in Americans' bloated standards of living, so plan for everyone to be a lot poorer, and all the hardships that come with it—crime, starvation, diseases, poor hygiene, loss of education, et cetera.

I want to stress that the U.S. military-industrial complex and the U.S. government depend on the same supply lines the rest of us do. When tractor trailers stop rolling due to incompetence or dim-witted plans, their supplies will run out too. If Washington wants to bring Americans to their knees in total compliance, there is a massive balancing act with giving people just enough to keep them placated. When this is mismanaged, as with China, people will break ranks, and the game will be over. We can learn from what is happening in China and see that people will stay complacent for decades as long as they are fed. When the ruling class fucks up the food supply and people go hungry, that is the moment the entire system gets rewritten. Wait and see. The same problem is coming to a town near you.

Till next time friends, be safe and act with purpose.

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