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Weekly Farm Update 06.19.22

Another scorching week but we kept our cool by soaking in the tubs. Little things like these keep us sane when we are hitting 102°. We managed to hit 102° and 101° this week while the rest of the days were around 98°.


We were able to get the gutter installed on the coop and hook it up to the rain barrel. I’m excited to see it fill up in the next storm. Speaking of storms, we had a strong one come through and the blustery winds knocked things around and even messed up our ability to get cell service for two days.

Some happy babies enjoying their new roost

One of the boys is starting to learn how to crow. It’s so much fun watching them progress through their developmental stages like this. His crow sounds more like a gargle at this point but given time he will be keeping us serenaded by unending cock-a-doodle-dos all day (and night). The joys of farm life! We want to breed our own chickens so that's why we have some roosters coming of age.


The sweet corn, salsify, burdock, and soy all germinated nicely. In another week I think they will be ready to plant them out. Unfortunately, I had to shoot a rabbit with the air rifle because he was eating our beans and tomatoes. I hate doing that 😭.

CM picked up a hummingbird feeder and hung it up near the well. The hummers took no time enjoying their new feeder. What I enjoy about this lifestyle is finding ways to help others find food, habitat, and places to raise their babies. Our lives consume 25% of the world's energy even though we (the United States) are only 5% of the human population. It’s about damn time we reduced this and gave back. Having said this, I know reality will scale it back to “maybe” 5% of the energy but we shall see.

Yesterday, we started working on the well house project and that meant we had to get the supplies ready. When I moved the metal roofing panels, our new friend "no-feet" was chilling underneath them.


During the hottest parts of the days, we got a lot of writing done. I was able to publish my lengthy part 4 of the finding home series. CM has some articles coming out soon which are really awesome and we plan to do one together this coming week as well.


We did some grocery shopping and were stunned at how fast these prices are rising. For not even a half bag of chips, you are flirting with $6 a bag! Fortunately, store-brand cereal isn’t as bad but that day will come soon enough I’m sure.

While at Lowes, I wanted to get a picture of all the vegetables for sale that no one was buying. The overpriced flowers were bought out but not the food. Blows my mind how out of touch Americans are. These clowns are going to be screaming and crying that no one saw this coming but we will be delighted to remind them of their foolishness. Someone has to. What food inflation have you seen in your neck of the woods?