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Watch Them Fall: Two Institutions I Look Forward To Collapsing

Those Americans that understand our country is collapsing in real-time will understand this opinion piece of mine. I want to share what I am looking forward to imploding in the coming years. To start us off, every organized group (professional or otherwise) in American life is a racket, criminal cartel, or pirating scheme designed to harm as many people as possible for the personal gain of a few. In other words, America is overflowing with evil people. From the Farming to your local sheriff's department, every single person in these “professions” are motivated to hurt, harm, pilfer, or deceive. In the context of this article, these people are evil.

Industrial Ag

How not to do it

The thought of Industrial Ag collapsing gives me so much joy. Take for instance large-scale chicken farmers. You know, the kind of farmer who waves American flags, watches FOX news religiously, and believes what he/she does for a living is “feeding the world.” These fellow Americans may even go to church and pray to God asking for favors and help in times of trouble. I wonder how folks like this justify their vocations as anything God-honoring as they torture their animals in ways so troubling it would make Adolf Hitler blush? Harvey Ussery, author of the fantastic book “The Small Scale Poultry Flock” explains…

“ The practice of controlled or forced molting is practiced on most industrial laying flocks: the birds are starved for a period ranging from five to twenty-one days, either by complete withholding of food or sometimes the feeding nutritionally deficient feeds- water may be withheld for briefer periods as well- together with light manipulation and feeding of drugs, hormones, and metals such as dietary aluminum and zinc. This program of “shock and awe” in the layer house has the intended effect of reducing body weight of the hens by 25 to 35%, which induces a more sudden and short-term molt and an earlier return to laying. Not only is It utterly cruel and inhumane- but it also induces a greater susceptibility to the spread of salmonella in force-molted floc and an incred risk of contamination in the supermarket egg supply.”

Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of good ol American poultry farmers trying to make a living mass torturing animals because to them, "theres no other way to do it". Drop dead. Joel Salatin has numerous mighty fine examples of raising poultry for meat while maintaining humanity and the animal's dignity.

Not only is starvation, cruelty, and torture a common practice in these demonic facilities, the constant light manipulation further degrades animal welfare, nutrition, and health. Service members undergoing training in military intelligence can vouch for the disorienting and mind-breaking effects of being locked in a room for days at a time, beaten, and under constant light. The human health effects from such treatment, let alone the mental abuse in these environments create, wreak havoc on humans and animals alike.

Industrial ag as well as many smaller “farmers” (if I can even call them this) who participate in such systems are broken people. Meaning, that they are unfit for participation in a moral society. To systematically torture animals for the sake of financial gain is unforgivable and downright evil. Yes, these people are evil. True farmers care about the plants and animals they cultivate. Real farming is a partnership with the earth that nourishes the soul. Industrial ag pseudo farmers have so thoroughly bastardized what true farming is about—it disgusts me to the core. Nature is not a machine to tweak, manipulate, abuse, or poison. This is why I eagerly await the righteous destruction of industrial animal abuse and (fingers crossed) destruction of the people working in these systems and the entitled pricks consuming from them.

How to do it

I find it important to emphasize for the younger folks out there (and for whatever bizarre reason many older ones too) that meat was a luxury food item less than 70 years ago for many Americans. I recently spoke with a neighbor who was born in the early 1950s and said meat was only on the dinner plate during important celebrations. Not an every day or even weekly meal option. The amount of work in raising, feeding, and then consuming a farm animal made it uncommon to eat meat on a regular basis. We will be going back to that in the years ahead. Much to the dismay of folks who have multiple freezers stocked with meat.

Police State

Thanks to my drug running neighbors, I have become very familiar with dealing with the county sheriff’s department. After obeying the laws and trying to find resolution, it is glaringly obvious that any and all police departments should be disbanded. Many (if not all) police running the streets these days are full blown criminals themselves. Not only is social media full of mind problems, but I know several myself that should be behind bars instead of behind a badge.

"To Protect and Serve" pirate

I am ashamed to even know this officer but a relative of mine cheated on their partner countless times while in uniform. They were finally caught having sex in the town’s police station which thankfully brought an end to their employment there. Sadly, this cop was quietly let go instead of thrown in jail where they belonged. In fact, an 18-year-old waitress would pick this officer and a coworker up at the police station and perform “favors” on them while they were on duty. How many people went unprotected while this scumbag was “distracted?” Another example is an officer I know that has not paid their taxes in over two years to the IRS and he continues (at the time of this writing) to drive an unregistered vehicle. Unreal.

One of the officers I tried working with locally, Officer Willy, refused to arrest the drug addict neighbor for trespassing on our farm despite the offender admitting to him that he did it. How much longer can this bullshit continue? I’m not the only person who has stories like this.

Then you have countless armchair cops all over the country sitting in their $150,000 tax payer SUV’s looking for victims to write speeding tickets for. Yes, I call them victims because police are not looking to keep people safe. They are legal predators pushing people around and telling them what to do to increase profits and get high off of bullying. Oh, keep in mind they have laptops, walkie talkies, and are on cell phones while driving but if you look at your phone, BAM you get a huge fine or even jail time. Police in the United States, are equivalent to Somali pirates who sit on the side of the road looking for opportunities to hijack citizen’s health and safety so that they can flex their psychopathic muscles. Their work does not keep us safe. Their work is not about maintaining order or civility. Like every other institution in American society, whatever they say their intended purpose is, you can be sure they do the exact opposite—the “justice” system, “higher” education, “health care” system and many others give positions of privilege to a select few at the detriment of the many.

How can these people, who arguably have the emotional intelligence of a goldfish let alone any education past high school be allowed to carry guns, intimidate people, and manage society? I ask again, why do you think we have so many problems in our nation when psychopaths like these control leadership positions? Talk about a winning strategy for failure.

The blatant corruption of the FBI, has made it quite apparent to me that we need to defund all of these policing organizations. I dream, I know, so I eagerly await the collapse of these institutions under the weight of their own criminality. Whenever that may be. In the meantime, I think it is our patriotic duty to shun any and all employees of these establishments. Although I do not advocate violence against these people (their actions will attract enough of that in due time) I do think its virtuous to tell these people that they are evil. That what they do is evil. And by extension, they should be outcasts to society; ostracized by family, neighbors, and communities. These sadistic criminals believe they are above the laws they dish out and they can do as they please hurting countless lives unopposed. Enough.

Sailing into Uncharted Waters

What’s the alternative Chris? Glad you asked voice in my head. Go local. The problems people are screeching about on social media can be dealt with by turning our backs on these gigantically evil institutions and performed at the local level. Even more local than county Sheriff's departments too. Until these gigantic criminal cartels go extinct, we have to live with the status quo but we do not need to depend on it. As Charles Smith points out in his newest book, all things related to keeping the status quo functioning are accelerants to destruction. So instead of waiting around for the FBI, higher eduction, industrial Ag and others to crash and burn (good riddance), we can adapt, change course, and provide those services humanely and ethically at the local level. This means, grow food at home and with your community. Hey! Don't role your eyes. I saw that! Yes, I talk about growing food a lot but I do so because that is the most critical element most of us are dependent upon with the current system. If we can start to grow vegetables, fruit, and meat locally we can begin to accelerate change toward a better system. That takes responsibility on our part and its about damn time we became more responsible for ourselves and stop depending on evil people to “provide” for us.

The more you grow the less they control

I also think we should listen to our inner voice and begin exploring our personal strengths and passions. For instance, I love reading, growing, and teaching people about sustainable agriculture systems using permaculture design. Tree crops are a positive way to create abundant, sustainable, healthy systems of food, fuel, fiber, and medicince that we desperately need. That is why I am working behind the scenes on this website and creating my alternative approach to higher education. A university of sorts, that is strictly about growing sustainable systems for anyone passionate about the topic (which should be anyone who eats). Americans are depressed, detached, and disincentivized so I am hopeful this will light the fire in some hearts to seek their purpose in a new world.