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Things To Come?

CM started the week discussing the annual summit of the Davos cult, and I wanted to end the week by going over my thoughts on the matter and exploring where we go from here. So when I saw Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and various Republican and Democrat colleagues attending this week, I was pissed. I find it downright treasonous for politicians to leave the country to rub elbows with unelected officials and discuss "business deals" with top CEOs, all while deciding the fate of humanity.

Excuse me, but why is the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, there? Obviously, staying home and doing his job investigating the treasonous/child-molesting President is not a top priority. But, then again, he's simply in this position to stonewall any investigation into the criminal conspiracies of government officials.

What about Labor Secretary Marty Walsh speaking at the summit? Discussing immigration, Walsh said, "we're at a disadvantage because other countries have ways to import immigrant workers into their countries for big tech jobs, for working in restaurants. We don't have that pathway- at least a big enough pathway."

One second, Marty, unemployment for 2022 was at 6 million. Still, you and I know you manipulate the numbers to hide the actual amount. So, why not focus on American unemployment first instead of worrying about immigrant employment numbers? I take from his statement that they want to "import" slave labor to work in big tech positions (i.e., factories) to perform menial and repetitive jobs for pennies on the dollar. Additionally, why would forcing U.S. citizens out of jobs, especially young people, as waiters/waitresses be policy? These clowns are good at making the economy tank, so it makes sense from that perspective.

The economy is doing great!

Looking at the chart, it's interesting that apart from the deliberate closing of small businesses in favor of multinationals during the pandemic, we see unemployment drop yearly. Yet, has the economy improved year over year since, say, 2010 on the ground? Nope, the economy has gotten consistently worse for those not sucking from the udders of the big banks. All hail their delusional narratives!

Then there was John Kerry, that old bag of farts that just won't go away was doing what he does best- demanding more money for himself. Newsweek reports Kerry showed up in his "climate convoy," seriously a "convoy," and stated "the only way of preventing global warming is "money, money, money. I'm sorry to say that, I mean, yes technology, yes exciting new initiatives, yes organizing [rigging] winning races politically (wait what?)…but we have to go further." Kerry also added that "cooling China-US tensions" would hinder the fight against climate change.

Okay, what the fuck? First, this baboon has been in office since Jefferson's time, so you'd think he would talk far more coherently. Then he told us, flat out, what climate change is about- money laundering. Kerry wants an endless supply of money to do as he pleases. Like in Ukraine, the corporatists (the U.S. government, its employees, contractors, corporations, etc.) are money laundering by the billions using Climate Change as cover. It's a free for all for them, and they are marvelously successful at it. We can see that there is no financial incentive for these wack-jobs to find peaceful resolutions anywhere in the world. It's all about pillaging every last penny from the system.

Climate Change is code for money laundering

Whether climate change is happening is frankly irrelevant because the most significant threat is these psychopaths who are going balls to the wall raping the planet (and us) of resources; nonstop. It's about acquiring limitless wealth and impoverishing everybody beneath them. Are you and I getting "money, money, money"? Of course not. We are getting "poor, poor, poor," and when we voice our displeasure, Wray puts us on an FBI watch list.

Senators Coons, Sinema, and Manchin met with "business CEOs" at a private luncheon at Davos. Further supporting our position that we do not have a republic or democracy but a Corporatocracy of parasitic oligarchs. Notice that they met with business CEOs and not humanitarian organizations, charities, or sustainable systems designers. It's all about their ego and lust for more money. Manchin, in his hubris, let the cat out of the bag by saying how dangerous it is for folks to have the ability to voice their opinions on social media and his dislike for the First Amendment. What a twat.

Still, think that party lines mean anything? Florida congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar is here to suggest otherwise. While joining fellow corporate-sponsored republicans at Davos, she remarked, "...the United States would 'liberate' Europe in 2023 as it did decades ago in WW2." Oh sure, deliberately destroying critical energy pipelines, abolishing European food production, and funding Nazis are all "liberating" strategies. But wasn't WW2 about killing Nazis? Only when it was convenient to the corporations and Military Industrial Complex. Now they train, arm, and fund the Nazis. This Cuban American needs to brush up on her American history. The Military Industrial Complex has not won a war since WW2 and has no intention of winning one. How would her sponsors make money from peace?

Salazar continued, "I do believe that regardless of any discussions or doubts of the hundred billion dollars that we have donated or given to Ukrainians [Nazis] to defend themselves, we will at the end vote, at least my vote, to continue with the Ukrainians [Nazis] until they win." Wow, what a glowing recommendation of support from a psychotic bitch.

Where Are We Headed?

Now, I'd like to shift the discussion and share my thoughts on Davos and its demonic goals. One of their central talking points was cybersecurity. They say we should expect a cyber attack within the next two years. What they have planned is anyone's guess, but I am persuaded that it would not be a full-scale grid-down situation. If they were so deranged to do that (as if they weren't fucking nut jobs already), it would crash the system beyond anything they had hoped for. They would lose everything, and we would go medieval instantly. Perhaps a smaller scaled cyberattack is more reasonable so that they can justify their reasoning for marshall law or erasing debt obligations for themselves?

What I am about to say is blasphemy to the status quo, but all that means is that I'm correct. We must be like Russia and build parallel systems independent of these maniacs. Russia will be a lot better off the more independent they are. We need to do the same thing and time is short.

CM saw a tweet from a guy who was asked why he did not attend Davos this year. He said he skipped it because Davos is an echo chamber. I couldn't agree more, which leads me to question how successful these clowns will be in devising their wicked schemes. How can we expect the most out-of-touch and arguably the most delusional group in human history to mandate what 8 billion people do daily and it not blow up spectacularly in their faces? Despite the billions pumped into their propaganda machines, these old losers are not gods but are a class of dysfunctional subhumans who believe they are the most gifted intellectuals ever to grace our presence. Unfortunately, pride goes before a fall, and what a fall this is shaping up to be.

Let me ask you this. Why do these people need to silence criticism if they are so grand, talented, and noble? Why do they hide in the shadows like criminals? What is so superior about a bunch of coddled old men and women who can't even talk to a reporter without it being totally staged?

Call Them Parasites, Please

Seriously folks, do successful people molest children? What exactly is "elite" about these pedophiles and child sex traffickers? They have to manipulate people of all ages to get what they want because they are too incompetent to get it any other way. These are the traits of inferior people, and we need to make them known. They are irreparably perverted, unstable people whose only value to the human race is laying face down in a ditch or turned into swinging tree ornaments.

Although they are the wealthiest humans ever to walk the Earth, it does not mean they are the most competent human beings to walk the Earth. How successful would any of these corporate hacks be without constant injections of Euros and Dollars? Klaus wrote a shitty communist manifesto and created the WEF, but how talented is he at running a company without special privileges and thousands of corporate sponsorships? None of these bastards produce anything of value. All they do, day and night, is take from the Earth and the rest of humanity. The only thing they are "good" at is micro-managing and conspiring to commit genocide.

If they could run the global economy off of their arrogance and narcissism, we could go to the stars. I do believe that their seemingly unlimited monetary wealth and epic power will cause tremendous hardship in the next couple of years. Abolishing gasoline engines, culling livestock and poultry, and shutting down supply lines are all part of this "restructuring". These people are broken. They do not possess a conscience like the rest of us. Psychopaths are not concerned with killing, abusing, manipulating, or controlling people. It's what fuels them. From a religious perspective, they are satanic, meaning their sole purpose in life is to harm humans. They despise humans because they lack the basic fundamentals of what it means to be "human" in the first place.

Since they cannot create life, they desire to pervert it, which is why they are obsessed with genetically altering life (looking at you, Gates). The parasite class has all the weapons and can influence people's perceptions through their media monopolies. They can quickly whip stupid Americans up to support their senseless wars and cultivate mass psychosis. These are the actions of a deranged group of monsters.

It Can't Fail Because I Said So!

The parasites believe in their mission so thoroughly that they do not see any way for it to fail. From what I understand, they firmly believe their way is the only logical path forward. There is no other alternative for the human race. As if the mass genocide occurring with their "vaccines" while simultaneously impoverishing the remaining population is the only reasonable path forward. They are confident that they hold the keys to the future, which makes me seriously question their ability to make it work. Thinking that you tell the universe how it operates is not a winning strategy either.

Does He Even Have Three More Years To Live?

While being interviewed by TIME magazine, Klaus stated, "We are in a restructuring of the global economy. When you have a restructuring in a company, you write off the costs on your balance sheet, and shareholders are suffering and sometimes employees have to go. But when you have a restructuring of an economy, it bites into the purchasing power of the people. We should not look at the global economy with a crisis mindset and a short-term approach. We have to manage in a strategic way this transformation period, which may last three, four, five years and will be socially very painful."

Okay great! This 84-year-old wrinkly naked mole rat thinks he's a god, doesn't he? He is so grand that he and his lap dogs can "restructure" civilizations on their own accord. Wow. Klaus Schwab is a broken, petulant child who cannot see past his own reflection. People like him do not understand the complexities of life. The natural world (the world we humans inhabit) is not a machine. It is not a company where you can pull levers, push buttons, and turn it off and on with the flip of a switch. Humans are organic, while companies and technology are inorganic. Full-heartedly believing that the inorganic and the organic are interchangeable is a recipe for disaster. Klaus Schwab is talking about restructuring western civilization as if it