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There's an Alternative to Tyranny

Recently, 400 private jets carrying many of the world’s oligarchs descended on Egypt for their 2022 UN Climate Summit. The Summit took place in the beach resort town of Sharm-el-Sheikh because they really care about climate change. On November 7, 2022, UN chief Antonio Guterres told the audience, “Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish.” This is a pretty clear threat. We are to be serfs to the “experts” or killed.

European advocacy group: Transport and Environment estimates that a private jet emits two tons of carbon dioxides in one hour. For context, this is 14 times more pollution per passenger than commercial planes. Clearly, this is not about the climate.

The climate summit participants understand that we have reached peak oil. There are insufficient resources to supply the earth's 8 billion inhabitants with endless junk, electricity, food, or transportation. So what is their plan to save their skins? Corporatize industrial societies collapse so they can acquire all the remaining natural resources for themselves while putting the rest of the populace in a totalitarian corporatist prison.

Think of it as a game of musical chairs. Everyone in the room can hear the music playing (fossil fuels in this example). The music stopped several times (energy crises and economic bubbles bursting), leaving fewer and fewer people finding a chair. Some players are more privileged than others, and they rigged the game so that they can buy more chairs while telling the rest of the players, “you can’t do that” (you’ll own nothing and be happy kinda thing, social credit scores, illegal to grow a garden, fuel rationing, etc.) They rig the game further to make it seem like the music is still playing (PSYOP of limitless growth, renewables will save us, infinite progress, technology and science will fix everything, make sure to keep voting, etc.)

Meanwhile, the riggers are organizing ways to make more money off the remaining chairs while accumulating as much as possible. Eventually, the music will stop, and Americans will find themselves completely fucked over.

The actual version of this is happening right now. The upper classes are moving toward acquiring the remaining resources—Bill gates being the largest owner of farmland in the U.S., is one of many examples—“Gates’ portfolio comprises about 242,000 acres of farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other lands across 19 states, according to The Land Report, a magazine for land investors that tracks the nation’s biggest landowners.”

The incessant crowing about “increasing shareholder value” through carbon credits, equity, etc., indicates that these people, as rich and powerful as they are, still think only about their short-term gains at the expense of long-term stability. The oligarchs are on a mission to increase their wealth, status, power, and control and will do whatever is necessary to further their hedonistic agenda.

The billionaires at the World Economic Forum have concocted a centralized totalitarian utopia that pumps more wealth and control into the hands of the privileged while they further strip mine the rest of the planet, leaving you and me as serfs.

This hellish wet dream of the upper classes is better known as The Great Reset, which is presented as the only logical solution to all of the world’s problems. Their public relations department has packaged this monumental disaster as a way to combat the imminent dangers of climate change and usher (those at the top) into the 4th great industrial revolution.

All of this omits the realities of such a tyrannical system. The oligarchs get to keep living their opulent lifestyles—sailing their mega yachts, flying their private jets, powering their multimillion-dollar mansions, attending unnecessary conferences (that could be zoom meetings), all while the rest of us “toil as serfs on the plantations of the wealthiest few.”

The Great Reset’s tagline: "You'll own nothing and will be happy,” speaks to their level of inhumanity as well as their detachment from reality. As Charles Hugh Smith, author of Of Two Minds, says, “Totalitarian imposed inequality is the only possible path of centralized degrowth: 10,000 for me, one for you, unless you disobey, and then you get zero.”

The alternative is decentralized degrowth that resets the system's incentives from waste, friction, fraud, and the dominance of centralized inequality to a locally controlled sustainability.

Did you catch that? The only way forward to a fair and peaceful coexistence with our fellow humans and the environment is not through a centralized dictatorship of degrowth but of decentralized degrowth, which is the type of sustainable living NRS sets out to explore and expand.

As we head into the holiday season, be conscious of what's happening around you. Ask your family and friends what they are noticing about the world,d and come up with a plan on what you're going to do when the status quo is upended. Focus on increasing your emotional intelligence and building skills. Make the hard choices now to change your future.

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