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The Dutch Farmers: On the Frontlines of Collapse

Lately, it seems that whenever I look at the news, I see some story that makes my jaw drop and my head spin. Blatant propaganda and consumerism are shoved down our throats, and the vast majority of people beg for more. The story that made me stop in my tracks is of the Netherlands forcibly closing down 3,000 farms to comply with EU climate targets to reduce carbon emissions and nitrogen runoff.

The Netherlands, which is comparable in size to somewhere between Maryland and Virginia, is the second-largest agricultural exporter in the world behind the United States, with $79 billion annually in exports. For those not paying attention—the world's oligarchs are attempting to take over the means of food production, all in the name of climate protection. This is not some conspiracy theory to dissect and disregard as a fairytale…this is happening in real-time, and it will only worsen. If they control the food...they control you.

COP27 (Egypt 2022) menu items. Check out the luxury.

The “science” tells us that we need to close the farms but never gives a viable alternative to help produce healthy food for daily consumption. The oligarchs command us to stop eating meat because of its impact on the environment and then gorge themselves on all manner of meat and delicacies in their fancy climate meetings. They fly all over the world on their private jets, emitting as much carbon as they please, but tell farmers who are trying to feed people they need to lose their livelihoods and family homes in the name of sacrificing for the greater good.

When will the cognitive dissonance break? When will enough people stand up and stop putting up with their bullshit? The Dutch farmers have been protesting these aggressive climate policies for months to seemingly no avail. The only way to significantly impact the current system is by waking away and creating a parallel system based on the tenants and ideas of permaculture and sustainable living.

We, the people not bestowed with unimaginable wealth and power, have far more control than we collectively realize. What do you suppose happens if everyone around the world plows up their manicured yards and plants nutrient-dense foods? Big agriculture, which is now just another consumerism black hole of greed, falls within the year. This same theory holds true for electronics, big pharma, and any other significant segment of the economy. By withholding our collective wealth from their system, they crumble and fall, unable to withstand the weight of their empires alone.

Folks need to realize that the effects of peak oil are putting limits on everyone's consumption—oligarchs included. When people ask us how we are going to convince others to reduce their high standards of consumption, the short answer is we don't have to. The dwindling amount of resources will force people to adapt or go extinct. The oligarchs understand that there are not enough resources to go around and are devious enough to deceive the public into thinking the show can go on with alternative energy. Meanwhile, they run around the world, centralizing control of the remaining supplies by 2030.

The key to success in all this is for individuals to let go of their entitlements and convenient access to cheap goods. Plant your own food, make your own clothes, and work with the community around you to get as far away from centralized monopolies as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

While researching for my next book, I came up with a conclusion that most people won't like—Europeans and, by extension, Americans, have been governed for most of time by unchecked psychopathy and consumerist greed. The oligarchs at the top are the worst of all; then you have the managers they allow to “be in charge,” followed by everyone else. Of course, the “everyone else” is just tools the oligarchs utilize to increase their wealth and power.

Until now, “everyone else” has been too weak and ignorant of reality to understand their place in the grand plan of the psychopaths, but people are rising from their slumber to a harsh awakening. People like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama couldn’t care less about the common man. Their only aim is to satisfy their greedy nature with even more consumption.

They want you to believe that our way of life and level of consumption is something that will continue indefinitely, but you need to understand that this is false. In 2020, Bill Gates said, "Even with big breakthroughs in battery technology, electric vehicles will probably never be a practical solution for things like 18-wheelers..." They know we don’t have the rare earth metals or the fossil fuels necessary to build a 1:1 system based on electricity alone. Additionally, most people seem to have no idea how most electricity is made—fossil fuels.

Let’s look at the manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries for a moment. A single electric car battery has more cobalt than 1,000 smartphone batteries and requires extracting and processing some 500,000 pounds of material from the earth. The majority of cobalt mining occurs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The operations are controlled primarily by China and have unimaginable child labor and human rights violations.

Those driving around in their Teslas should feel awfully proud of themselves. Not only are most people blissfully unaware of these facts, but they also wouldn’t change their attitudes or consumption levels even if they knew the extent of the incalculable damage. For most people, all of that is happening over there, so they don’t let it way heavy on their minds. This apathy will be their undoing.

The Oligarchs talk about a "great reset" to reorganize our society. Unfortunately, and not unlike most instances, they got the wording wrong. The earth will not have a reset, but instead a rebalancing. The psychopaths that have been arrogantly raping the planet of resources for centuries will no longer exist. The earth won’t allow their treachery to go unpunished.

The farmers in the Netherlands are just the tip of the iceberg. The “people” in power are testing different segments of society to see how easy it will be to break their will. One part of their many miscalculations is the enduring spirit of free-minded individuals worldwide working to leave those unjust systems in the past.

Those intuitive enough to understand the need to work in symbiosis with the earth will be able to set up communities to live sustainable and simple lives. The only choices left are to continue with the status quo, which has led us down this dark and precarious path, or to walk away to build a different future. By opposing the system set up to benefit the wealthy few, we will end their reign over our society.

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