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Our Moral Economy Is Bankrupt

Often when I sit and think about society, I’m struck by how bankrupt we find our moral economy. When did people stop trying to help each other? Why are we surrounded by strangers who used to be our countrymen?

The constant onslaught of ever-increasingly dreadful situations being shoved in our faces has desensitized us to think about the news for a moment and then move on as if it never happened. I’m starting to believe a new phenomenon of cognitive dissonance is infecting our populace and making them hallucinate that all the bad stuff in the world is happening on their phone and has no direct impact on their lives.

Why should I care about a forest fire in California when I live on the east coast? How does a bombing in the Middle East impact me? We are affected by the events of the world because we too are passengers on this rock floating through space. Sure, something that happens across the globe doesn’t immediately impact your life, but what about the second or third-order effects of that something? We are all here together, and that’s something we forgot.

Right now, through our own eyes, we are seeing what happens when people who should know better are actively destroying everything in sight. I’ll give an example: the mass shooting in Uvalde, TX, which led to the murder of twenty-one students and two teachers (the shooter also died, but fuck them—may they decompose into obscurity), is an example of our moral bankruptcy. Why did it take the police of Uvalde over an hour to engage with the shooter? I’ll tell you—cowardice. The doormats of Uvalde Police Department have no moral capital left in their coffers, if they had any to begin with. Not even one of those officers defied their “orders” to save those innocent children being systematically slaughtered. I'm sure some upidy cop reading this will tell me how I don't know what it feels like, and I wasn't in their situation—fuck that noise. If children were being annihilated and there was a way I could save even one child, I would have gone in there and done what needed to be done. All these “heroes” want to play at being a cop until there is some actual cop shit to do. There’s so much more to the story, so that’s all I’ll say for now.

How do we get back to trusting our neighbors when we were told for years now to avoid everyone and wear a mask?

Don’t hug your grandchildren.

Don’t visit a sick friend.

Don’t live freely.


Why did we allow our God-given rights to be taken so willingly? I remember after 9/11/01 riding in my family’s van and seeing almost every other vehicle with those American flags flying high—you know, the ones that you attach to your window? Even though I was 11, I can still remember the visceral feeling of closeness in the community. Where did it go?

Part of me believes the advent of social media and seemingly endless progress in technology allowed people to crawl into themselves and turn off any learned ability for social interaction. It makes me feel empty. I haven’t felt “part” of something in quite some time, and I’m not mad about it. I guess it could be described as anomie—but in this case, I feel like the one who belongs and has morals, and society is the entity sliding along the edge.

The managers of our country, as of the time of this writing, have sent over $50b to the nazi infested government of Ukraine. They are laundering their money in that cesspool of fanaticism while their constituents struggle to afford the necessities. Make that make sense. To me, all I recognize is pure unadulterated evil. Plain and simple.

The increase in all causes of mortality is up by about 40%. That’s not fucking good! They, the propaganda machine, will try to tell you a new chemical found in the atmosphere is most likely to blame for the increase in heart-related fatalities AND global warming. If you believe that, then I have some beautiful oceanfront property in Montana to sell you. They released a pathogen to kill as many people as possible, and when that didn't work, they forced people to submit themselves to an inoculation of poison to finish the job.

“Joe Biden” and whoever has their hand stuck up his wrinkly white ass to keep him upright wants to cancel $10k in student loan debt per borrower. I worked my ass off to pay the small amount of student debt I accrued before my time in the military—do I get a check, or will this be a direct deposit? Never mind that the money for this boondoggle literally doesn’t exist—they are just waving their magic money wand, which coincidentally was constructed in the same lab where they assembled covid. Is it genuinely moral to decimate the future of your descendants to pay off the poor choices tab of a neurotic pansexual non-binary kindergarten teacher who double-majored in underwater basket weaving and queer criminal justice? This has nothing to do with helping people with student debt, and everything to do with with helping the banks.

I’m even more concerned about the next blow to our moral economy, which should be any day now since Klaus “Adolf” Schwab and his ever-growing harem of teat sucking sycophants have concluded their yearly meeting after a three-year hiatus due to a pathogen they engineered and released.

What heaping fresh pile of horse shit will these psychopaths dump on the world in the next couple of weeks? I don’t know, but it isn’t going to be pretty. They are failing harder than ever before, and they are becoming desperate. Keep paying attention—the tragedies are happening at shorter intervals.

In this next chapter, we need to be more kind to each other if we have any hope of surviving the coming storm. While the moral economy is dry, we need to come together to fill it up once more. Community bonds and an air of understanding are critical for us to thrive in the transition period between our current reality and our unknown future. Simplify now and live resiliently.


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