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Musings on Our Declining Banana Republic

For the past week, I have been pretty depressed trying to make sense of all the bullshit our government is doing and how it is making life unnecessarily hard for the rest of us. So last week, I used my time wisely and got three full days of fruit tree grafting done, helped my partner with his awesome chicken coop build, and finished the foam insulation in the other shipping container. During all of this work, I was afforded a lot of time to contemplate the current mess we find ourselves in.

I am thoroughly pissed at how so many idiotic Americans jumped from the covid “crisis” to wholeheartedly supporting nuclear war with Russia simply because they were told to by talking heads on their television. Are y’all serious? Democrats by far were hoodwinked with covid, and now we have republicans screaming from the rooftops that we (obviously not them, though) must send our troops into Ukraine to put an end to “Russian aggression.” There is no need to go into this mess, though, as Dimitri Orlav, James Kunstler, and Dr. Martenson are doing fabulous jobs explaining all of that. Suffice it to say, however, is that all of this mass psychosis bullshit is getting ridiculous.

Permanent Washington

Hey republicans, since when was it acceptable to lust for war? God knows you do not have the guts to go fight yourselves, so you beg your masters to send our young men to die in a foreign land so that little Lindsay Graham and company can keep their disgusting personal armies and criminal cartels afloat. How is it patriotic to support little Lindsay, Susan Rice, Barrack Insane Obama, Shitt Romney, and ALL other politicians (both sides folks) as they go around the planet pillaging? You are all morons and traitors to the Republic. Why is it permissible for our politicians to be in any other country and install their own private neo-nazi armies as they overthrow a democratically elected president? No U.S. congressman or senator should be allowed to leave the U.S. on official business. There is just no reason for it.

Obviously, this is my opinion, and I will amend it as new information arises. However, from what I can gather, listening to the men mentioned above, our illustrious politicians and their family members (looking at your heroin Hunter) have private armies that protect their criminal corporate businesses, both foreign and domestic. So when Russia said no thanks to their bullshit, especially with the criminal bioweapons “research,” little Lindsay and the rest of the cry babies in Washington had a monumental meltdown. So basically, their lust for money and control is what the whole issue in Ukraine is about. Wow.

At least chipmunk cheeks is gone

Don’t you love that? We are starring nuclear war in the face because our politicians didn’t get their way and are losing money and influence in a European backwater. It makes me think of Alice Friedemann’s comment that Governments and the corporate media refuse to talk about peak oil because they do not want their stocks to sink. Unbelievable! So, we are falling face-first into a dark age because these clowns do not want to lose a few dollars in their stock portfolios. America the beautiful!

Actual footage of my head exploding from the utter stupidity

Now I want to segue into America’s mass formation psychosis. For two and a half years, this concocted evil scheme was something far removed from rural Appalachia. Staying off corporate media and social media kept me shielded from its effects. That all changed when I saw a neighbor raise a Ukrainian flag in his yard. I was stunned. I was horrified. Even more, I actually sent this guy Dr. Martenson’s mass psychosis video link back in August! This is also the same guy who, when the east coast oil pipeline was “hacked,” went out and spent $3000 on guns and bought oil stocks. Hmm, come to think of it, I shouldn’t be surprised at this guy’s low I.Q. But I digress. At this point, in my opinion, if you support the mainstream media’s narrative of Ukraine, you are in support of the nuclear war. This is insanity. Even more so when this guy in the middle of hickville Appalachia hoists a Ukrainian flag high in his yard and probably couldn't find the place on the map with a big arrow pointed right at the country. This is some severe delusion, folks.

...and let the U.S. politicians ruin your country

These incompetent baboons in Washington and the military have no concept of the far-reaching consequences their mass psychosis is creating. At some point, I believe this will break. The psychosis will be so bad that people will completely break mentally, cross over into schizophrenia or what have you, and kill whoever they want. Think French Revolution on steroids. When I saw my neighbor’s Ukrainian flag, I had half a mind to put a Russian flag up, but that’s just asking for trouble. If this guy is so brainwashed that he will go to such lengths to show his support/compliance/virtue signaling to our insane government, how much more will he turn on his fellow Americans at home if he is told to?

The mass formation psychosis makes me angry. I am mad at how demonic these assholes in Washington and the military are. I am baffled that no men in the military stand up to end the insanity. Is there not one good person in any of these institutions? I am furious at the cranks in the military and media who actively work each day to manipulate and hurt Americans. All for what? A shitty paycheck? A rush from being a part of the approved crowd? Are y’all seriously that pathetic that you can only find value in what they say? There are no longer two parties. It sure looks like it’s just one big rotting pile of stupid. The lack of authentic leadership anywhere is stunning. We are so thoroughly screwed as long as this system remains alive, and even after, I don’t expect competent men to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

This sums it up well

I’m also frustrated with my fellow Americans. Can I even call them that at this point? These purposeless, feckless fools are relegated to animals at this point. They lap up every word from Fox News and the rest of the crackpot mainstream media outlets. They await their abuser’s instruction to think, feel, and act. What pathetic beasts they are. Isn’t it crazy that they fully believe being slaves to their tyrannical corporatist masters makes them patriots? What a world we live in. Our Founders are rolling in their graves.

I am not strong enough to ever speak to these people again. I do not want to welcome them back and be around them. This is one of the most significant moments in human history, and these idiots blew it. They are so privileged and entitled that they refuse the truth and, therefore, reality. To willingly give up your autonomy on thinking and acting is disgraceful. They have no self-worth. They have no purpose other than to be herded around like livestock. Even prisoners resist being put in chains, yet these assholes beg for it. I want to help the remnant when and where I can. I want to prioritize them for any available resources. Time, energy, and resources are vanishing, so this group is the only one I care about going forward.

Getting back to basics

The other folks are just noise. Let the universe sort them out. The remnant knows what is going on and are the ones doing what they can to give themselves the best shot at survival. Many people pretend to be in this group, but you will know them by their deeds. Action defines the remnant. They do not only learn about the problems and predicaments crashing down, but they do something about it! I find it such a privilege to know some of these folks. I love that they come from all walks of life—from a rich diversity of experiences and knowledge. Despite the horrific things around us, it’s important to be thankful to be alive and go through this together.

If it didn’t affect us, I would be satisfied with the zombies getting everything they deserve. But unfortunately, their psychosis makes them worse than rabid animals. Although we fully know who is administering the shocks, we are stuck in the same cage with them. That is why I believe it is important to circle the wagons and be mindful of who you talk to, who knows your levels of resilience, and so on. There will be a steep learning curve on who to help, who to talk to, and who to ask for assistance going forward. We will have to be strategic and make difficult decisions quickly. I certainly will never trust someone so ethically, socially, morally, and psychologically bankrupt as the mass psychosis crowd. I do not see these people waking up ever again, and if some of them do, I do not believe it will be pleasant for anyone around them.

The hill of narratives these basket cases are willing to die on is quite disturbing and makes me very uncomfortable. Who is next on the chopping block after Russia pacifies Ukraine and expels the D.C. criminals? The sphere of influence for permanent Washington is shrinking quite quickly, so who is the next victim? Of course, it is Americans themselves but is there a particular group? They were getting quite successful at targeting the anti-vax crowd. I chuckled a bit thinking of this, but perhaps the tanking economy will be sufficient to break the narrative once enough people lose their homes, starve, and can’t afford to stay alive. That seems like a good enough reason for the psychosis crowd to turn and devour their masters. Guess that is why D.C. is frantically trying to pass more gun control laws. LOL! Way too late to play that hand.

In regards to starving, how many old white guys do you expect to see mowing their lawns this summer? Complaining endlessly about the high gas prices but still blowing their money on cutting their grass. Que Kunstler’s “psychology of previous investments.” Once again, this is why I believe we are royally screwed. There are simply too many Americans clinging to their idiotic narratives of entitlement. At the top, we have a parasitic hoard of criminal corporatists greedily extracting whatever they can to everyone else’s detriment. Then we have the lap-dog kiss-ass class