Grifting America: On The Frontlines of Collapse

Pedo Joe leading America into the abyss

Well, here we are again, much sooner than anticipated. I thought on the macro level we had more time compared to Cuba, China, Peru, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and others. If we are being totally honest with ourselves, collapse is well underway here in the good old US of A. When I saw the heavily redacted FBI documents showcasing their obvious criminal behavior to cover Clinton's crimes as well as their own, I knew it was time to bring it home and write about the American collapse. I hope you are wearing your hiking boots today because we are going on quite the journey. Let's get into it.

Clusterfuck Country

The term Banana Republic comes to mind in the twilight hours of the United States. For clarity, the definition of such a nation is as follows:

A banana republic is a country with an economy of state capitalism, whereby the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise for the exclusive profit of the ruling class. Such exploitation is enabled by collusion between the state and favored economic monopolies, in which the profit, derived from the private exploitation of public lands, is private property, while the debts incurred thereby are the financial responsibility of the public treasury.

Now, I know the United States does not completely fit the above description but as a whole, I would say we are a banana republic. Every sector of American life is controlled (not "run"), by a criminal cartel of evil people. Much like Cuba and China, the different cartels exert power and influence against rival cartels while suppressing the rule of law, human health, and economic prosperity for everyone else. In some sectors of American life, you have corporatism where multinationals buy political puppets that shape laws to enrich the few at the expense of the many.

Just an antique at this point

In other areas, you have socialism where the government steals citizens' wealth/resources and redistributes it to others who the government favors. Then you have a totalitarianist regime covering almost everything else, if not the entire system itself. The January 6th FBI orchestrated protests are a great example. Having people turn in friends, neighbors, and relatives of the opposing view showcases this kind of corruption. All of these examples are identical to what is happening in Cuba, China, North Korea, and many other failing states. Nations that are healthy do not go to these levels of extreme control to maintain the system.

Zero Rule of Law

One thing I have learned is that people with mental disorders do not like to be held accountable. A perfect example is the Clintons, FBI, and evil forces in the alphabet agencies committing blatant crimes by storming Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion and stealing evidence of their nefarious actions. Talk about a basket case country when shit like this is pulled. The folks at the top can do whatever they please with no regard to the law—they ARE the law. To them, the rest of us are useless fools taking up space. They are not answerable to a justice system since they believe they are the full embodiment of justice itself. These pricks are so thoroughly corrupt. I mentioned in my Watch Them Fall article that law enforcement is one of the institutions I look forward to seeing collapse and this is exactly why.

No rule of law means you do not have a nation. When all participating nations do not have any rule of law either, you do not have a civilization. Here we are. Anything goes and nothing matters for those at the top and middle of our broken system. From what I see, people are forced towards poverty no matter what they do to try to improve their lives. Every policy made by those in government, in banking, or in the economy is designed to enrich a few and force the rest of us down. Each stock market bubble produces fewer and fewer winners but a hell of a lot of losers every time it bursts. Obama didn’t jail anyone who ruined millions of people’s lives, in fact, he made them richer. Little Bush invaded a country under false pretenses, killing over a million people and destroying many more lives.

What a panel of psychopaths looks like

He and Cheney never lost a moment's sleep. The FBI can commit countless treasonous crimes for years against an elected president, yet no one sees jail time. Gates continues to buy up farmland while receiving special state exemptions and financial handouts from the big banks.

How is it legal for these clowns to encourage mass rioting, looting, and burning down whole sections of cities for political theater? Recall pedo Joe and that old bag Pelosi telling wokesters to steal, rape, and burn? What about $oros supporting these terrorists by bussing them around and organizing these gangs?

How is it a "thing" to have senators raising personal armies in a foreign country for profit? The U.S.-created Ukrainian crisis sure looks like a giant money laundering racket by senators and their peers. Mitt Romney, Hunter Biden, pedo Joe, Lindsey Graham, bio lab employees, and anyone else benefiting from this off-shore bank fraud.

What about the millions sick and dying from the forced jabs? The millions more who gleefully followed orders so that they could maintain their class status. Seriously, will anyone hang for the deliberate deaths of Americans from the vaxxes? This is absurd and really makes me angry. The CDC, NIH, including almost all government employees and politicians, had no problems ruining millions of Americans' lives through job loss, social distancing mandates, shutdowns, and forced jabs even for toddlers. We are seriously looking at the biggest eugenics/mass murder campaign in planetary history that completely dwarfs the Holocaust. Will anything be done?

Folks need to hang for this

Through all of this, I am still perplexed that people think voting is a worthy endeavor. We have a one-party system like every other failing banana republic. Where were the republicans when it was policy to suppress cheap, effective, and safe treatments for COVID? The various institutions are now fully weaponized to attack, jail, or throw into a ditch anyone who stands in their way. We're actually at the point when it's policy to militarise a revenue service with its own gang of thugs to go door to door and beat people up or steal their property just so the mobsters are paid. Amazing.

How is it that these crimes have gone unpunished? Well, it's because our country is not a country. No matter what is done, there is a paid-off judge ready, willing, and able to make up laws or sign off on fraudulent documents that give the cartel a green light to commit a crime. We are infested with warlords, criminals, whores, and woked-up nut jobs. The United States is a basketcase, whose facade is held together by belly button lint and knockoff duct tape.

The notion that we can vote the right people in to get meaningful change is absurd. Relying on the government to eliminate government-created cartels is insanity. Accept that as a fact and make arrangements. It's definitely time to walk away from this miserable rotting heap and make a new world for ourselves based on what we want and what we need. I guess if you know the house is on fire it's best to stop, drop and roll the hell out of there. Perhaps this is a winning strategy along the lines of collapse now and avoid the rush.

Food Scarcity

I get the impression from social media that more and more Americans are worried about the sustainability of their food supply. They may not be worried enough to grow anything of value but at least it's on their minds. Thanks to WEF meddling and the total extinction of the rule of law in the U.S., the food supply here is in free fall. Whatever happened to all those food processing plants and giant livestock facilities burning down? You don't hear much of that anymore, do you? Nor do we hear much about the continued mega-drought out West. The fertilizer shortage did not go away either, it got much worse since this past winter. Just because the "narrative" is ignoring important topics does not mean the issues have gone away.

The criminal banking cartel has debased the currency so much since 2020 that inflation is off the charts. Mike Maloney can look at charts in his high-rise penthouse all day trying to find indicators of recession or depression but it only takes a quick drive to the store to find that prices are out of this world with falling inventory. Chris and my weekly grocery budget of $150 continues to see fewer and fewer items in the cart as costs go up. I have recently written about the absurdity of fruit tree costs in a previous article that makes me sick just thinking about it. I attempted to buy two peach trees from Cummin's nursery but the total came out to $102 after taxes and shipping costs. No thanks. I'm not supporting businesses that rob their customers blind. Speaking of absurd shipping, check out the picture below at the price of shipping one bottle of peanut butter on the Walmart app. $100 shipping! This is so insane it's laughable.

When it comes to the grocery list, each time we make the list on the Walmart app, and send it in, we receive multiple "out of stock" notifications. There used to be substitutions for out-of-stock items but that is oftentimes not the case anymore. If you go into the store, you see so many empty shelves it's mind-blowing. Cereal boxes are so thin at this point they might as well be envelopes. Chip bags are 75% air. Pepsi is apparently extinct. Should we blame that on the processing plants burning down? Bread options are dwindling around here and the cheap pasta section looks like a bomb went off every time we look. We now make our own pasta thanks to CM's culinary skills. At least flour is still affordable and we can store tons of it.

Even For The Animals

CM and I have been talking about chicken feed, wondering when the shoe will drop for that. As we head into winter, my mind is on the potential for livestock feed to become scarce too. What do we do if we cannot find feed for all the birds? We decided to buy extra bags of feed each month to have on hand just in case. Our budget really only allows for 1 extra bag a month but at least it's something to have. We have portable chicken wire fencing that I rotate around a permanent fenced central chicken yard. This has helped the ladies forage for bugs and greens in addition to fertilizing a fairly large area. I keep them fenced so they do not wander off or get into the main garden and dig up vegetables. Plus, I can concentrate them in certain areas which helps reduce grasses or weeds I want to get rid of. Once the garden is done for the year, I will fence it off and let them till it up for us for a few months. Hopefully, that will supplement their feed.

Cat food has been hard hit for some reason for over a year now. We now have to order ours on Amazon. Thankfully we have been stocking up on it for a few years now but it shows how fragile supply lines are becoming. Makes me really sad to think about the number of pets people will put out on the street or in shelters. Like everyone else, I would imagine shelters will have a tough time sourcing food for their animals too.

Sourcing Necessities

Sourcing tools and necessities are becoming an uphill battle. Our 4 cycle garden tiller broke down back in early spring, gotta love our landfill economy, and the multiple Lowe's around us have yet to get any new ones in stock. They do however have boxes and boxes of power washers they leave out on the floor to look like they have things in stock. Ugh! Amazon wait times continue to get longer and the number of lost items is mysteriously growing. If someone is building a home right now, I cannot imagine how they are doing it. Not only is the price of the materials outrageous, but trying to find all the parts has got to be daunting.

What is going to happen when natural gas or heating oil gets so expensive most people just have to do without it? CM said he read an article saying that people will be forced to decide what to buy this winter: food or heating fuel. With a large majority of people's paychecks going towards gas, there is no additional income to pay for something else. Most, if not all, new construction from the past 20 years does not have woodstoves or fireplaces. These newer homes usually have gas fireplaces if anything, so they are shit out of luck if gas is hard to source or buy. Even in Appalachia, the majority of the homes around here use heating oil or gas fireplaces. Crazy to think about it especially when they lose power so frequently. Americans will have to go through a hard learning curve on what really matters and what is really necessary to survive. Cheap oil meant that status, convenience, and vanity ruled the day. This will be changing going forward. A word of advice. Invest in a pair of earplugs so you can tune out their temper tantrums.

This week, I received an email update from Home Depot telling me that they still do not have the spray foam kit I was looking for back in January of this year! Um, excuse me?

Do you mean to tell me that this item is still out of stock? That is insane. Although I found an alternative to this kit back in the winter I am still stunned that Home Depot is unable to source something like this. Winter is only a few months away, I hope people are ahead of the crowd in thinking about what they need to keep warm. Better to buy that woodstove/insulation and install it now than wait till winter when the herd realizes they need these things and every store is sold out on the continent.

Systemic Collapse

The current water crisis in Jackson Mississippi is a great example of a nation in collapse. Back in the winter of 2021, Jackson suffered a previous water crisis that was bandaged over with incompetence. Now, this has returned with a vengeance and the citizens of this city are suffering for it. I think this is a beautiful example of privileged bureaucrats i.e., the "experts" showing just how unable they are at accomplishing anything outside their narrow window of political theater. Not one person in a position of power, including the governor, had the cognitive ability to get the treatment plant under control since last year. Now, the plant is scuttled indefinitely? Well done dip-shits. Do you notice how impotent these morons are? What do they do? They throw the same expensive and ineffectual bureaucracy at the problem and hope it all goes away. They call in the national guard, they pass out water bottles, they do press conferences, they make empty promises, and then ignore it as the problems multiply. The exact same playbook is used with natural disasters by every fucking state in the union. A tornado comes through a town or a hurricane wipes a city off the map and you have the same plan of attack by the state and federal government. On paper this is nice but every disaster is different requiring adaptation and new ways to counter the problem.

This again?

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true. Somehow this eludes the over-paid experts. So now, Jackson is screwed “indefinitely”. I have no idea how you maintain normalcy in a city of 150K people without running water. Simply put, you don’t. The economic devastation this will cause is profound. Mississippi is not a known economic powerhouse so when the state capitol implodes, the economy has got to tank even more. Who is going to buy homes if people want to sell to get out of dodge? I’m sure there is a bank looking to buy up some cheap houses but that is short-term greed. Will Jacksonians stop paying property taxes, water bills (why would they?) or stop paying mortgages too? The long-term prospects of this crisis are pretty insane to think about. Which cities are next in line for implosion as their infrastructure falls apart? It doesn’t take an “expert” to see mass migration out of cities in the near future. Where will people go? Probably to another city which will strain that place even further. The smart people will see the writing on the wall and get a place away from the crumbling infrastructure outside of town and supply their own needs with less complex systems.

In an ideal world, where rule of law meant something, the governor should go to jail for life. His job was to maintain the health and prosperity of Mississippians and he failed. Instead, he will create a committee to concoct a scapegoat and throw the blame on someone else, probably a minority. The resources used to maintain the illusion of modernity will easily be 50x-100x more than what was consumed before the pump broke. You can really see how events like this with idiots in power coupled with entitled citizens actually accelerate the collapse.

I hope this is unpopular to say, but CM and I have lived without running water for 3 years and we are still alive and well. These folks can manage too. Sorry, you can’t turn a knob and have unlimited water Jackson. Yikes, I can hear their entitled shrieks from here… Still, this is a great opportunity to restructure the city’s water supply and boost resilience. Initiate tax incentives for rainwater catchment on EVERY roof including outbuildings. Crazy to think how much that simple policy would have helped reduce the severity of this crisis. None of this will happen mind you as the status quo- state government, zoning, county commissioners, treasurer, and the rest of the bureaucratic cartel is completely unable to adapt. This my friends is exactly why most Americas will go medieval.

Planned Demolition?

This one is a tough topic to sort through. I will take a jab (LOL) at it with the information I have on hand and will adjust as new info comes in. Since at least Reagan's time in the White House, the federal government has consistently made the wrong decision on every level for short-term personal gain at the expense of long-term national stability. We have had nothing but clueless "experts" running the show for decades. You know they are incompetent when they get mad at you when you question them. Is there any wonder why we have so many monumental problems?

We need to keep in mind that the only thing America is exceptional at, is the mass production of narcissists and psychopaths. Narcissists (narcs for short) have an unfixable mental defect in which they have delusions of grandeur, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. This lack of empathy means that they manipulate, abuse, and attack anyone standing in their way or anyone perceived as a potential threat (government whores threatening cpeople who love human rights, liberty, and free speech is a great example). At this time in our nation's history, it is likely that we are near 100% infestation of moderate to severely narcissistic people occupying positions of power in local, state, and federal government, law enforcement (police, judges, FBI agents), health care (doctors, nurses, administrators, insurance companies), education, and any other vocation that holds some sort of influence over others. This is not to say that everyone in these fields is a dangerous narc, but it is important to acknowledge that these positions are overwhelmingly attractive to narcs.

Additionally, many who are members of what Greer calls "the clerisy" are also active narcs too. Greer's most recent article helps shed further light on the subject. Since World War 2, the bureaucracy of "experts" has exponentially exploded throughout all of these positions.

According to Greer:

"The clerisy of the modern industrial world is a class of university-educated experts who claim that their mastery of fasionable abstractions makes them uniquely qualified to run the world."

It Gets Worse

Then we have psychopaths. These people are not only narcissistic, but their level of derangement makes them infinitely more dangerous. Think the Clintons for example or $oros. Psychopaths inhabit all of the same positions of power and influence that narcissists do but take it to a whole other level. For clarity, a psychopath is:

A person with a personality disorder indicated by a pattern of lying, cunning, manipulating, glibness, exploiting, heedlessness, arrogance, delusions of grandeur, sexual promiscuity, low self-control, disregard for morality, lack of acceptance of responsibility, callousness, and lack of empathy and remorse. Such an individual may be especially prone to violent and criminal offenses.

Can you think of any politicians or well-known figures (both private or public) who molest children for "fun," participate in sex slave trafficking, have people assassinated, sell national resources to foreign countries, brags about murdering millions of civilians via drones, forces untested "vaccines" on men, women, and children, trains neo-nazi mercenary armies in foreign countries, spies on American citizens, uses law enforcement agencies to do their personal bidding, run multinational organizations whose purpose is to impoverish, control population size, and dismantle entire civilizations?

At least McCain is gone

The list would be pages long but you get the idea. This country, and the world for that matter, is absolutely infested with evil people calling the shots. No wonder we are on a collision course for disaster.

I bring these two mental illnesses up so we can frame the macro picture of why evil things are happening. Evil people are being themselves, which means they do evil things, say evil things and thirst for more evil. They are not gods and they certainly are not all working together on a master plan in unison (sorry Ice Age Farmer). Of course, evil people collude with like-minded evil people. That is obvious. I simply want to demystify these "experts" or "elites" as the fuck-ups they are in order to make sense of the mess we are in. This is precisely what happens when men and women do not stand up for what is right and challenge crazy people—the crazies run amuck and cause unbelievable chaos.

Only a psychopath would support him

Framing these mental illnesses equips us to understand what we are dealing with as a nation. It's an impossibility for a narcissist or psychopath to help someone out in a meaningful way. Any kindness (word or deed) is a means to an end to hurt, abuse, manipulate, and destroy you. These freaks are broken and we need to accept this. Their failure to be human is not our fault nor our problem to rectify. We need to push these people out of our lives as quickly as possible so we can get on with reducing as much damage to ourselves and our nation as possible.

Warp Speed Ahead

Collapse is accelerating here in the States. Pedo Joe's speech last night was exactly what a defensive managerial class does when they are backed into a corner. CM and I will do our best to document in this series the collapse of America but it is getting harder and harder to keep up. Hold on tight, it's going to be one hell of a crash.