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Burning China: On The Frontlines of Collapse

Yangtze River drying up

Little to no news coverage is occurring about China's record-breaking heat wave, energy crisis, and water scarcity problem in Western media. If you go on CNN or Zerohedge, you will see one or possibly two headlines talking about the developing crisis, that's it. Europe is facing its own double whammy with energy scarcity and epic drought too but this region seems to be dominating the news as of late.

When I came up with the idea of reporting on the front lines of collapse, I thought I would do an article every few weeks as nations erupted into chaos. Well…many nations are crumbling much sooner than anticipated so I will be doing my best to keep up. The reason behind these articles is to “map out" when it is our turn to go medieval and what we can do to prepare. Additionally, if these articles offer any assistance to you that is a huge bonus!

Like you, Chris and I have a lot of anxiety about the mess that we are collectively in. We are concerned because the people in charge are totally unprepared to handle even the slightest adversity outside the prearranged political crib they are in. Their foot soldiers: government employees, all public news agencies (FOX NEWS included), police, and military are further obstructions to implementing meaningful change. Our best chance at making a soft landing comes from those outside the status quo. The status quo is only capable of compounding the crisis as every “solution" they propose only speeds up collapse.

Today we are going to China to see what collapse is looking like for them. China is a special collapse story due to its importance in the manufacturing of goods as well as propping up the U.S. dollar. There is some talk, by not very smart people in the prepping community, that China wants to invade the United States. Below we will explore why that just isn’t going to happen. The CCP has monumental problems at home to deal with. So come on, let’s get into it!


Drought and Record Heat

If you have never heard of China Observer’s channel on YouTube, I highly recommend you subscribe. This channel explores a lot of topics concerning China and in particular, the problems occurring over there. It is important to understand that much of the info we get out of China is heavily manipulated so it is really challenging to know what is accurate. China Observer is heavily critical of the CCP, so I am a little more trusting of the news they put out.

Right now, the biggest drought in 71 years in the Yangtze River valley and beyond is devastating China. In a normal year, the summer rains should have been causing flooding over much of this region but instead is almost completely dried up. The current low levels are actually lower than what they would be in the dry season, which is this winter.

People keeping cool during power cuts

Anticipating flood waters back in June, the CCP ordered many hydropower stations to discharge their water. The rains never came so many damns, emptied of water, dried up even faster. Numerous hydroelectric damns along the Yangtze have been forced to shut down because not enough water has been captured to generate electricity. This means forced blackouts for millions of citizens, many of whom live in heavily urbanized megacities.

This year’s heatwave is the strongest China has received in decades. With the high temps come power shortages due to higher consumption of factories, households, and other buildings. Local governments have issued power restrictions which means blackouts for residents, businesses, and factories alike. There is even reports that the CCP is purposely understating the heat. Pictures and videos are coming in showing the "offical" temps in the upper 30's whereas on-the-ground reports show temps over 40 degrees Celcius (104 F).

On Aug 16, Chongqing province issued a notice informing people that staggered power cuts were going to be implemented. In Sichuan province, the local government told factories that production was to be shut down for 6 days. Most of the 16,000 companies in production were to be affected. Both of these provinces, according to Hong Kong Daily, are the leading manufacturing provinces for multinational technology giants such as Intel, FOXCONN, Texas Instruments, BOE, and CATL. These provinces also manufacture MacBooks, tablets, and a host of other globally important devices. All of these companies were forced to shut down due to a lack of power. Interestingly, Sichuan is one of the most important producers of lithium salts in China. This means that the WEF and their supporters will have a hard time sourcing lithium batteries to run their lavish techno narcissist futures. Goodbye to the short-lived electric car.

The excessive heat coupled with reduced power generation has forced many Chinese to seek ancient tombs, subway stations, and underground markets as a way to find relief. Record temperatures and lack of irrigation are killing hundreds of thousands of acres of crops- rice, canola (rapeseed), fruit trees, tea, corn, and more. Even whole herds of livestock have been dying from the high temps. Famine is on the minds of the people as they see reports coming in of the devastation the weather is causing. Forest fires have erupted in areas causing evacuations and additional stress sourcing water in already water-scarce regions.

Is it really about COVID?

Beijing’s zero COVID policy has crippled international manufacturing companies along with the shipment of materials in and out of the country. The city of Dongguan is one of the largest producing cities for shoes, motherboards, and computers, the largest textile producer in Asia, and the largest toy manufacturing city in the world. Despite consistent GDP growth for the past 20 years, the city has recently been taking long “holidays” of factory shutdowns and unemployment.

On Aug 18th, Cooper Electronics, which manufactures Bluetooth headsets for international brands, sent out a memo that there would be a suspension of production and business. Cooper blamed this decision on the military action in Ukraine, COVID, and the declining global economy. Similar stories abound for toy manufacturing, clothing, and tech companies. The CCP’s deranged zero covid policy has caused a flight of capital from international corporations to seek other manufacturing bases in southeast Asia. This flight of capital further destabilizes the Chinese economy and the employment prospects of its people. According to the narrator, the CCP is reducing aid to companies unable to keep the lights on and this is done to favor state-owned businesses over private ones.

On Aug 11th, Yiwu, China’s largest small commodity trading city, recently declared a 3-day lockdown to “halt” the spread of COVID. At a FOXCONN factory, 1 person supposedly tested positive for COVID which lead to the forced lockdown of 60,000 employees until they were all tested. If you watch this news brief, you can see the pandemonium of people fleeing the forced closure of buildings with thousands of people trying to get away so that they are not tested.

I would love to know if the CCP is forcing citizens to get vaccinated, especially the people who contract the virus. Is their kill rate the same as Moderna and Pfizer? If so, I can understand why the people are stampeding barricades and police in an attempt to avoid mass eugenics. Yet again, what would be the purpose of suppressing effective treatments like Ivermectin and Vitamin D if they are so hell-bent on stopping COVID?

Many of these company holidays are projected to extend until February of next year. If true, this is a STUNNING development. Not only is China facing systemic collapse, but we in America will see the twilight of cheap, affordable goods coming from this nation. Walmart, Amazon, and others should be seriously concerned about their business model. Toiletries, razors, food items, home decor, furniture, pet supplies, parts, you name it, will be impossible to find if these factories shut down for that long. Pinning its entire economy to global demand for goods, China has set itself up for massive problems as we enter the era of resource scarcity.

Back to You in The States

We have our own drought issues

If any of the above reporting is correct, we have 1 billion pissed-off (soon-to-be-hungry) folks who are constantly hounded by their government with asinine covid policies, famine, and drinking water shortage; with no power or money to boot. This foretells a rough road ahead for the CCP. Where is the food going to come from? With fertilizer shortages worldwide, droughts in other countries, and the ridiculous Ukraine debacle there isn't any slack in the global food supply to make up for crop failure in China.

My best guess, seeing all of this, is that the CCP is aware that the nation has reached its limits to growth. The banking sector, economy, and energy sectors are all reaching their breaking point. There is no more energy to keep the factories humming 24/7, 365 days a year. Nor is there enough energy to supply 1 billion people with affordable food anymore. The scapegoat of the moment is their "zero COVID policy" which enables the government to blame shutdowns, power cuts, and any other woes on the virus. The CCP, like the rest of the world's governments, saw the benefits of using COVID as a cover for the mandatory shutdowns as a means to obfuscate resource limits as Gail Tverberg brilliantly points out in her latest article.

I recall Chris Martenson saying that China is fully aware of the energy predicament the world faces. They are actively moving to better position themselves to handle the crisis that is unfolding. Perhaps they know about the predicament of peak oil, but their plan of action is quite bumbled from what I can see. Forcing people out of work without any compensation, shutting off their power at random times, starvation, and tyrannical COVID testing that literally locks people in their homes is beyond idiotic. Get this, the CCP is now mandating (all they do anymore) that citizens now pay for the nucleic acid tests themselves. With what money dip-shits?

I do not believe anyone in the status quo, no matter the nation, is capable of navigating the tumultuous waters of Peak Oil. Even the CCP. I believe we will see vain attempts by governments to keep the music playing by pulling all sorts of shit to hide data, fleece the populace, and wish all the doom away. Good luck with that. In the meantime, we can continue to prepare as best as possible. The Chinese people cultivate any available ground for food. They do not have lawns. Let this be a lesson for all of us here in the States.

Regardless of where you may be in your quest for resilience, if you have a lawn rip, it out and use the winter to mulch it, plant it, fertilize it, and prepare for spring. Follow this link for inspiration!

Not that the Chinese need my advice, but if I was to give any, I would tell the factory workers to move back to their village, increase soil fertility by mulching, planting tree cover using edible species (they have massive deforestation problems), build small ponds and swales for water retention, and prepare for civil unrest as resources allow. The same ideas apply here. You may not be experiencing a drought (you are blessed) so use the time to prepare for future extreme weather events. Use the time to store food (not meat for fuck’s sake), like rice, beans, veggies, and so on.

Take responsibility for your life and well-being. Every moment you are alive is an opportunity to improve—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Collapse is not in full swing yet in America so use your time wisely to do what you believe is best for you and your loved ones. Click on the video below to find more help in building a life of resilience.

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