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Another Senseless Tragedy

On Monday, America was hit with yet another tragedy as a person entered a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, with two assault-style weapons and a 9mm handgun leaving six people dead, including three nine-year-old children. My first thought was horror, and my second was prayer. I prayed to God to intercede on behalf of those innocent people and their families so that he may relieve their pain and anguish.

How many more times will we have to read the same headlines of children being killed in schools by some crazed lunatic looking to terrorize children for their own perverted glory? When will we as a society get serious about protecting children? In my most recent article, Conservatives Come Out Against Freedom of Speech, I discussed the hypocrisy of conservative Tennessee politicians trying to ban drag queen story time while the childhood poverty rate in their state is sitting at 18.1%. The shooting at The Covenant School highlights the genuine danger of allowing other issues to sit on the back burner while the politicians work on pleasing their base.

One major revelation in the twenty-four hours after this horrific shooting is that the shooter is a trans male, meaning she was born a female and then transitioned to male. I couldn’t give a shit less about pronouns or whatever anyone else wants to call themselves. Still, I found it profoundly telling when the corporate news media began tripping over themselves for, at first, misgendering the shooter in their reporting. The police reported at first that the shooter was female, but they made the improper and violent decision not to check out the terrorists' social media accounts to see how they wanted to be identified. They just looked at the dead woman on the ground with weapons and shell casings around her body. Need I remind you that the evil excuse for a human killed six people — three of them being NINE-YEAR-OLD CHILDREN — and we are supposed to care about the murderer’s feelings postmortem? This is the epitome of losing the plot.

What is not being talked about, most likely out of fear of being canceled, is the fact that being transgender is a byproduct of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) which is a mental health condition discussed in the DSM-V. Most patients who present with characteristics of BDD also have mental health co-morbidities, including bipolar personality disorder (PD), borderline PD, narcissistic PD, and social phobia. Other traits of people with body dysmorphic disorder include low self-esteem and high levels of neuroticism, introversion, unassertiveness, social anxiety and inhibition, rejection sensitivity, and perfectionism.

Is it any wonder why someone with unchecked mental health conditions would think it was a good idea to go shoot up a school full of children? Unfortunately, BDD, in today’s age of woke medicine, is not treated. Instead, the delusions are indulged and celebrated. It’s like treating a patient with substance abuse disorder by seeing how many beers they can guzzle.

Instead of this being a moment when we put aside our difference and lament together for our collective loss as a society, the political sides were taken immediately. Try reading a single article about the shooting from a conservative-leaning media agency without hearing about the trans shooter being a manifestation of everything that is wrong with the left. They were positively gleeful when they found out this wasn’t a young white man. The “progressives” immediately went into damage control to spin the narrative about the shooter being trans by going into their typical gun-grabbing behavior.

I want to be transparent and say that when I saw that even more children were killed in a domestic terror shooting at a school, I examined my views on gun control and the second amendment. Some gun reforms and laws the political left want to establish are policy decisions I can get behind, like universal background checks, mandatory waiting periods, and reporting lost or stolen guns. I can't entirely agree with the assault weapon ban because I genuinely believe it is one of the best weapons to use in defense of your home and property. But let’s examine this specific instance to see if any gun control initiatives would have made any significant difference.

Universal background checks: According to a report by NBC News, the shooter had no previous criminal record before the shooting. A background check would not have prevented this individual from buying the guns they wanted for their evil attack.

Mandatory waiting period: I haven’t found any information from news sources saying these weapons were purchased or held illegally at the time of this writing. The guns used in the attack seemed legal for the person to own.

Assault weapon ban: An assault weapons ban would have worked in this instance only by limiting the type of weapons the shooter used. It should be noted that handguns are used in 78% of mass shootings. It’s my firm belief, based on evidence of planning and research, that this person would pull off an attack one way or another. If the maniac couldn’t do it with a semi-automatic rifle, she would have figured out another method. She was determined to cause mayhem and choose children as her target.

The shooter, in this instance, was a narcissistic sociopath with deep confusion about herself and her mind. The intimate planning, supposed manifesto, and the fact that this monster went after children make it plain to see that we are not dealing with someone in touch with reality. Like all other perpetrators of mass shootings, I’m sure this person thought they’d become infamous, but instead, I hope they burn in obscurity until kingdom come. No amount of laws or interventions could have prevented this animal from inflicting terror on the world.

The Police Response:

The police in this situation did an admirable job of maintaining their composure under the most stressful of conditions and neutralizing the target before more people could be killed. In this case, the police received the call of an active shooter at 10:13 am, and the shooter was already on her way to hell by 10:27 am. Unlike the cowards at Uvalde and Parkland, the police rushed toward the sound of gunfire, knowing full well they could be shot. Yet, they put themselves in harm's way to protect those children, and I couldn’t be more proud. The men who entered this attack epitomize good policing and are true heroes.

School Security:

One topic of importance that I’m not seeing talked about enough by the corporate media or even people on social media is the need for more robust school security measures. The school administrators are responsible for protecting the children to the best of their abilities. Still, time and time again, we see violent attacks at schools, but why?

The answer is painfully simple — schools are sometimes the softest targets if you research to understand what security measures a school has and what vulnerabilities exist. For example, the shooter in Nashville had maps and plans of the schools, and some in the news media say she went to the school when she was a child meaning she had intimate knowledge of the layout and security measures of the school.

With everything going on right now in public schools, when will parents say enough is enough? I don’t have children, so I won’t try to presume to know how it feels to be a parent, but I think if I had children in public school right now, I would sit down to have a long think about whether or not the children are actually being harmed in the long run by being in an academic institution. A second and third glance is warranted, especially after the abysmal failure of test scores after the misguided COVID-19 lockdowns.

I’d love to see gifted teachers leaving their jobs to start their own individual learning institutions — think of it like micro-schools. The idea of a micro-schooling system across the country intrigues me because it would give children a greater chance of understanding the fundamental skills necessary for life.

If I were the administrator in charge of a school, I would lock that fucker down. The high school that I attended had one main entrance. The rest of the doors around the schools were emergency exits locked from the inside. It might not be aesthetically pleasing, but having a metal bolted door with no handle on the outside rather than an entrance with a door made of glass makes far more sense from a security standpoint.

What’s next?

Something has to give because crazy people will continue to attack schools because of their misguided belief that it will make them special and provide them with a legacy. It doesn't, and it won't. I didn't use the shooter's name in the article because...fuck her. She doesn't deserve any recognition other than that of a sociopathic degenerate. The world is a better place now that she's no longer in it.

We as a society either need to get serious about school security, or we need to shut the schools down. Full stop. How come you never see a mass shooting at a government or federal building? We need to take the same amount of time and money to protect our children as we do our precious military bases around the globe. Maybe it's time we revisit the budget and slash defense to actually benefit the American people. The US wouldn't need such robust security if it kept its dick out of everyone else’s pants.

The speed at which this tragedy became a political sideshow would give Dale Earnhardt Jr. whiplash. The poor families that endured this tragedy weren't even given a moment to grieve their horrible loss before the locusts and prostitutes descended on their destroyed world to soak up as much grief as their bloated stomachs allowed. We have truly crossed the rubicon.

We need to take a good long look in the mirror and find what we want to be known for to all future generations. The ones who stood up for the safety and well-being of our children, or the ones who allowed them to die from incompetence, greed, and infantile bickering.