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A Treatise to The Church

Hello, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We come to voice our perspective on the developing threats to our community. In the context of this letter, the Christian Church is hereby defined by Romans 10: 9-10, “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

As some of you may notice, we are entering a very evil time of legalized murder, abuse, and hardship. Our battle is not only against evil forces but also against the people who these forces work through. It is time for the Church to wake from its drunken slumber of entitlement and complacency to take action.

We are quickly entering an unknown future of resource scarcity and political upheavals. The managerial classes want to convince us that we either continue to do what they say — destroy our freedoms, lives, and the planet, or we will have an utter apocalypse. This is a lie, a scare tactic to hold on to their waning power. There are many futures we Americans will take. One possible course is for the early adapters to evaluate what essential things we would like to preserve and work towards taking them into the unfolding future.

The managerial classes are defined herein as people in positions of power and influence at local, state, and national levels, who in some way reap financial, social, and political power to push others around and tell them how to think, feel and behave. John Michael Greer explains this class brilliantly:

"The entire collective identity of our managerial classes is founded on the idea that they’re the experts, the smart kids, the people who know what’s what. They justify their grip on levels of collective power by insisting that they and they alone can lead the world to a sparkly new future — “we can make the world do whatever we want!"

So, admitting that the managerial classes have turned out to be incompetent at running societies is unthinkable, so they continue full speed ahead until they slam headfirst into a brick wall called reality at all of our peril. This helps to put into context what we are seeing in our country today. Everything spewing from mainstream media outlets is based on fear, isolation, and deliberate dishonesty. Their story is of chaos and division.

We need to walk away from such idiocy and begin a brighter life in solidarity with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Begin to connect with church members on a deeper basis — one that provides real-time support and love for each other that replaces the fear-mongering. Take the initiative to bring back meaning in our lives by connecting with Christ through community resilience and emotional intelligence development.

We are not alone; there are millions of us out here that can support each other as we go through this challenging time in history. Those who can adapt early will be much better off than those stuck in normalcy bias from growing up during an unusual time of overabundance.

If your local churches are run by those, who refuse to see reality, develop these parallel structures in your own homes and have meetings, parties, and support groups from your places. Christ is not confined to a building. His Spirit resides in all those who believe. Let’s be empowered by this fact to make a positive change in our lives.

If we do not rise and bridge the void crumbling around us, horrendous evils will. We need to stop building mini empires of churches, enriching “leaders” while idolizing power and self-glorification. It’s time to clear the fog of complacency and live out our faith. Much of our political and government managers would like us to be lulled to sleep as they dismantle the very foundations of Christianity in this country. They are at war against love, peace, justice, ethics, morality, purpose, and Christ Himself. The managerial classes have a massive push to create and perpetuate mass psychosis on a scale not seen since the Holocaust. This is a rapacious gang bent on desolation that we should refuse to support.

The easiest way is to take a step back cut out the toxic stream of manipulation from social and mainstream media sources. The next step is just as simple. Walk away from such abusive and evil institutions and bring our communities back to life through love, truth, morality, and reality. Of course, we still live in the current structure, but that is quickly crumbling. Wouldn’t it be great to bring back appreciation for one another in the Church through a cause such as this before major crises erupt?


It is time to cast aside vain obsessions of personal gain, virtue-signaling, and entitlement. We have all lived during the most prosperous time in human history, yet we are so bloated on consumption, greed, and numerous other evils. Instead, let’s work together to build a legacy for ourselves and for those that come after. We are the crucial link from the industrial world to the unfolding de-industrialized societies. The dream sold to us about infinite progress was just that, a dream. Walmart and Chik-fil-a are not God-given rights for Americans to enjoy until the second coming. Everything in the world has a beginning, middle, and end. Unfortunately, our nation and Western civilization are closer to the end than the middle.

Permaculture’slet’s founder, Bill Mollison, brilliantly stated:

"Sprawling Church grounds demonstrate senseless and wasteful land use and reassure their audiences and supporters that status is all, that usefulness has neither place nor meaning in this world. This overlooked cultural mythology — that it’s okay to force men, women, and plants into controlled menial and meaningless toil has no basis in Christianity. This salute to wealth and power is repugnant when so many would benefit from the transformation of useless lawns into abundant food for members and the community to consume." - Bill Mollison

Lead by example and change priorities. The days of opulence for megachurches are over. Their expiration date has come and gone. In addition to megachurches, anything gigantic- governments, corporations (i.e., Walmart), big agriculture, big pharma, are going extinct. The resources are not there to maintain them. They will collapse under their oppressive weight of extravagance.

These self-aggrandizing pastors (think Joel Olsteen and his net worth of 50 million) pretend to preach the gospel but only work to glorify their narcissistic egos.

Those like him are delusional fools living in an alternate reality with the managerial classes. You will be able to see who puts Jesus Christ first when you want to divert funding from their empires to build community resilience.

We need to realize that there are problems and there are predicaments. A problem is something that has a solution that can be solved and gotten past. However, a predicament is something that you have to deal with but cannot be solved in the sense that you can implement something that will make it go away.

For instance, the industrial world is coming to an end regardless of the hand waving and wishful thinking of the managerial classes. If anyone in the Church believes that God will make everything work out to continue their exploitative lifestyles, they are clueless to the laws that Christ has placed on the world. The laws of thermodynamics do not care about our plans, fantasies, or entitlements.

There are limits to everything in life — including fossil fuels. All of us are familiar with filling our gas tanks up after using the finite amount of gas the tanks can hold. Likewise, when humans consume close to 100 million barrels of oil every day, the planet’s oil reserves will run out. Energy is what civilizations run on. Ours is oil. We are running out now, and that is why we see so many economic shocks across the globe as we speak. Sorry folks, the middle-class lifestyle that many Christians believe is their birthright is no longer in stock. The sooner we accept this reality, the sooner the Church can once again work to make alternative plans that save lives, spiritually and physically!

In response to this, we believe it is essential to concentrate the Church’s time, finances, and resources into building resilience in our local communities. Instead of idly standing by while petty tyrants destroy our lives, we need to get off our donkeys and commence action. As resource scarcity heats up, we can find purpose in unity working together on projects more significant than ourselves. Each community should focus on the needs of its people both in and outside of the local Church. Accomplishing these goals is not difficult. However, what will be difficult is unlearning the psychology of previous investments.


Let’s begin with the basics in helping to educate each other on the importance of building resilience:

Sustainable Local Food Production- Food production should take precedent. There is nothing more God-honoring than connecting with the natural world that He created and from which we are inseparable. We are not in tiny bubbles apart from nature — we are nature. There are many sustainable ways to develop abundantly-healthy sources of food. Exploring Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm is a wonderful place to start. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds provides an astounding array of non-genetically adulterated seeds that can be saved over and over again.

Living sustainably in partnership with the earth is critical in keeping Christianity a force for good in a lost world. Depending on local availability, all surpluses should be put back into the community to help those outside the Church. The sustainable and humane production of livestock and poultry further adds to the local church economy and creates additional levels of resilience. These systems are not to be exploited. We will have a future worth living if we can understand the importance of cooperation with His natural systems.

Other ideas would include operating food banks, markets, and charity food banquets to spread community amongst yourself and the general public.

Mental Health: Classes supporting emotional intelligence, mental resilience, and therapy are crucial to handling stressful situations and everyday health.

Physical Needs: home energy conservation (i.e., insulation), sustainable home heating sources (i.e., wood). Water collection and purification, healthcare education in the areas of alternative medicine (herbal), in addition to Western medicine to help offset high prices,

supply shortages, and the control of corporations, Recycling of clothes, tools, furniture, and other materials within the members and community.

Church Boards/Councils: to help distribute financial assistance throughout its members instead of centralizing it in the physical church building itself. Better to have Sunday services in members’ houses than to have a massive church with neglected members — that is not Christ-like; this is solely focused on the ego. A local church temporary insurance policy, if you will, for members who have fallen on bad times. Medical assistance for members who are unable to pay for life-saving medical intervention. Phones, the internet, TVs, fancy clothes are not necessities.

The focus should be on those genuinely in need and not on people in the community who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other vises. We are not suggesting ostracizing these people; however, it’s important to first take care of those who cannot care for themselves and then branch out. Resources are tight, be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. Perhaps if they see your community and support for one another, they will be encouraged to overcome their harmful addictions and replace these bad habits with positive alternatives.

Isn’t it interesting to live in the most abundant time in history yet we are so depressed, disconnected, and angry? So many of us, especially young people, are lost in our society. Why is the Church okay with ignoring this crisis? At this critical juncture in human history, the Church is silent on young people’s need for Christ! Instead of ignoring young people, help create purpose in their lives by employing and incorporating them with the above suggestions!

The elderly can help teach lost skills of yesteryear to pass on vital knowledge. Are there any older folks who lived through the great depression or war that could offer advice on the coming hardships? Employing younger generations to garden, animal husbandry, and other vital skills can have life-changing benefits at a time when so many are demoralized.

We can take our lives, freedoms, and purpose back by moving forward together instead of being isolated. But unfortunately, there is a considerable push to divide, manipulate, and harass us from the managerial classes and its various propaganda tentacles. What if we joined each other in love and support and began a new alternative path centered on our faith in Christ?

The steps to things becoming self-evident are outlined by Arthur Schopenhauer:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

We know the challenges unfolding before us are daunting, but we are hopeful that many will take positive steps to bring about necessary change at the local level. It’s time for the Church to do an about-face, or its destruction will be from its arrogance. If we can work together to build local resilience networks, we will be better equipped to make it through tough times.

This story is about working together as fellow believers in Christ to build community and show the world that Christ is King no matter the situation. So many people need help — both physically and spiritually. It’s time to live out our faith with intense action and purpose. We are not alone in this fight. God’s not dead; He’s indeed alive, remember!

Wake up, brothers and sisters, from your slumber. The King of Glory is calling you to work.

Your Fellow Brother in Christ,

Christopher David

New Revenant Society

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