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A Rebirth

We’ve been lied to by “expert” fools from the dying ruling class of entitled idiots. In today’s (1/5/2022) article, written by the fantastical author John Michael Greer at, Greer brought much-needed clarity to the problems and predicaments we face as Millennials left holding the bag. So what will we do with the mess? Greer explains:

“The grim brutalist future to which people [us millennials] were expected to conform was never more than a mirage, and attempts to revive it in new forms-I’m thinking here especially the Stalinist absurdity of Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ - carry all the conviction of the proverbial three-dollar bill.”

These upper-class spoiled little toddlers have been coddled their whole lives- stealing primary and secondary wealth from the planet, and all other humans since they, unfortunately, came into this existence. When surrounded by paid ass kissers, everything these people conjure up is the next biggest and brightest idea. What they do not realize, and no ruling class does until it’s too late, is the fact that they already played their hand, and their privileged lives are going extinct. Hence their need to fleece the public with ever more significant forms of manufactured crisis and propaganda. Greer continues:

“. . . it’s not just that the resources needed to prop up that sort of system no longer exist, though of course that’s true, or that a good many of the core technologies that would be needed to make it function either don’t’ work or aren’t cost- effective enough to bother with, though this is also true.”

The shortages, supply disruptions, and dwindling energy supplies caused by these fools cannot be corrected in a system of infinite debt expansion underpinned by the clueless religion of progress. No, the ruling class can only initiate the problems; they can not correct what they started. Think of it as throwing a wrench into a jet engine turbine. Sure, you can throw it in, but you cannot control the outcome no matter how much wishful thinking you can conjure. Greer goes on to write:

“. . . even more important is the fact that the social consensus needed to make it happen, doesn’t exist. Nor can that consensus be manufactured, because too many people nowadays assume as a matter of course, and for very good reason, that the experts are wrong, and that the consensus they’re trying to push on the rest of us is yet another round of cerebral flatulence that wont work.”

A key point Greer reminds us about is the fact that “. . . governments do in fact exist by the consent of the governed, and so do ruling classes. That consent is cracking around us as I write these words.”

Ironically, the more the ruling classes thrash about attempting to force us to do whatever lame idea they come up with, the likelier they destroy themselves. We are not robots created purely to be pushed around and told what to think, say, and behave. Each human being in this world is an individual that thinks independently and behaves independently in an astronomically complex system. Unfortunately, the ruling classes in governments, corporations, and other managerial positions are totally incapable of comprehending this simple, critical fact.

As the consent of the governed evaporates, there is a positive that goes unnoticed as Greer points out, “. . . that opens the landscape of possibilities very few people have begun to explore yet. The future open to us, it turns out, isn’t limited to regimented bureaucratic [fantasy] on the one hand and smoldering post-apocalyptic wasteland on the other.”

The future actually belongs to every one of us. We are not enslaved unless we give consent to be. Our founding fathers died giving us that right. The need for Millennials and younger generations to clear the fog from our minds and to understand where we are in this moment in time is absolutely crucial for our survival. When we take a step back, turn off the fearporn from mainstream media outlets, we can see that the future doesn’t have to consist of two choices: doom, or a forced totalitarian regime. Instead, we can use local resources and community to bring about necessary changes at the local level that aid in cultivating meaning and purpose back into our lives. Greer continues:

“As the managerial aristocracy complete its fall from power, and its dreary plastic daydream of Tomorrowland falls with it, we enter a space of possibility in which a much wider range of choices come within reach. Tomorrowland has fallen. Off beyond it’s smoking ruins, there are better things waiting.”

At this point, governments, corporations, and the ruling aristocracy are irrelevant...they just don’t know it yet. So it’s up to us to come together and map out a future that makes sense according to what is around us locally. Understanding that more and more technology, growth, and bureaucracy are actually what detracts from our lives is a valuable first step to a new beginning. That is why we are called the New Revenant Society. We are a rebirth of what it means to be human, what it means to create abundance, and what it means to feature resilience as the keystone of our lives. This is the rebirth of what worked in the past to meet our needs for education, hygiene/healthcare, community, food, shelter, and culture. There is a bright future ahead of us, but there is much to do to ensure its brightness. Will you join us?

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