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A Balloon Over Billings

Photograph of purported Chinese spy balloon

I am weighing in with my opinions on the supposed Chinese spy balloon currently making its way across the continental United States. I say "supposed" in this instance because who knows what it is and who controls it? Three years ago, I wouldn't have thought our government was conspiring against us to kill as many people with their toxic "vaccinations" as possible, so I wouldn't put anything past this government and their evil overlords.

I come from a background that gives me far more insight into a situation like this than your common Joe off the street. My time in the military was spent as an intelligence analyst, one year of which was spent deployed to FOB Fenty in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. If you've ever seen the movie Zero Dark Thirty, the base that the seal team left to fly into Pakistan was FOB Fenty, previously known as the Jalalabad Air Field.

When I left the military, I spent another two years finishing my undergrad. Then I started working in counterintelligence in the Washington, DC area, and finally ended up in threat finance as I completed my MBA.

What is going on with the Chinese balloon is unprecedented in the United States. To learn that our Commander in Chief knew about the balloon entering US air space nearly a week before the Billings Gazette reported the balloon to the American public is astounding and incredibly worrisome. I can think only of a few different scenarios.

Scenario A: Incompetence With Malicious Intentions

The Biden White House kept the American public unaware of the Chinese spy satellite because they didn't want to piss off the Chinese right before the (previously unannounced) trip of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The Chinese, in turn, wanted to provoke the United States into some action or to naturally see how the current administration would handle such a brazen incursion over sovereign United States air space.

The only explanation I have for this scenario is the obvious fact that the current administration is filled with a bunch of woke larpers masquerading around as the leaders of the free world when in reality, none of these numpties could find their way out of a wet paper bag. Adding on the clear evidence showing illegal business dealing between the cokewhore Hunter Biden on behalf of the "Big Guy." Big Guy, in this context, means the President of the United States. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

The "President" of the United States appears to be entirely compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, and the fact they are able to fly a "weather balloon" over the continental United States completely unencumbered should explain everything you need to know. Maybe it does matter that the "President" is on the payroll of a foreign country with hostile intentions.

When I worked in counterintelligence, something like this happening would have seemed unfathomable, but here we are. Are they seriously trying to pretend that the US government doesn't have the capabilities to take control of that airship? We have legions of trained hackers working in the government who could take over that thing with a laptop and a cellphone, yet it's still being allowed to cross the mainland of the United States with no impediment. I'm not sure if you're getting the same feeling, but it's highly suspicious.

Scenario B: Conspiracy Theory Territory

This is all a psychological operation (PsyOp) to keep everyone confused and scared. The balloon has people genuinely upset. My first thought when I heard that it was flying at 60,000 feet was that it could be an EMP or a test run of how they could make it happen over the mainland of the USA.

One of my favorite theories floating around is that the balloon came from mainland China, flew across the Pacific Ocean, and then into the United States, and it wasn't seen until Montana? I find that one almost impossible to believe. None of the many US bases in the Pacific saw this on their radars. I don't buy that narrative for a single second, and neither should you. Below is a picture of all the US bases near China. I want you to ask yourself two questions. 1. How did none of these bases see or report the balloon? 2. What would happen if China had this many bases this close to the United States' borders?

None of these bases saw the balloon?

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, this could all be a huge misunderstanding (unlikely), or it could be an essential lesson to all of us who are paying attention. One of the primary jobs of the United States government is to protect the citizens within their borders. The fact that this balloon was allowed to continue on its course is mindblowing. But, on the other hand, you have to keep in mind that this could all be a psyop meant to confuse us and make us scared of everything. It's metaphorically the sky is falling scenario, and it's ensnared a large swatch of the population.

If you haven't started to look toward resilience, your time is running out. I'm not trying to be a fearmonger or a fatalist, but I'm worried about what I'm seeing in the world of food production, which will have global consequences. Ensure your own food security now so that you might be in a position to help others down the road. Keep your head down.

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