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Quick Chat

This service is a 30-minute video consultation where you can ask questions and get some quick advice regarding your homestead, simplifying your life, or whatever you can come up with!


Consultation Services

We want to help you simplify your life because we are living proof of how you can go from working a 9-5 job and hating every moment of it to living a debt-free life of freedom and abundance. Simplifying does not mean you have to sell your house and move into the sticks—it's more about reorganizing your thoughts and making room for a different way of living. Let us show you how!

*The Campfire Discussion and Full Package are non-refundable after payment because of the amount of work and research we do in preparation for the consultation. 

Just Stopping By

This service is a 30-minute video chat based on availability to discuss  ways for you to grow your resilience. We want to help as many people as possible, so set up a time and let's chat. 


Campfire Discussion

This service is an hour-long video consultation where we can get into an in-depth discussion with you and give you some positive answers on your next steps. We have a set of questions for you to fill out before the consultation, and we'll do research beforehand to meet your goals. 


The Full Package

This package includes a 30-min video pre-consultation where we can get an understanding of your needs, a comprehensive written plan in PDF for you to help in simplifying your life, and an hour-long discussion of the written plan. 


Consultation Request

Let's Work Together

We want to try to accommodate our clients as much as possible with payment options to make the process quick and easy. Our preferred method is Venmo, but let us know if you know of an easier solution. Also, the Campfire Discussion and Full Package are non-refundable after the invoice has been paid because of the work we put into the research and preparations for the consultation.

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