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A desperate need for a rebirth of our culture is unfolding before our very eyes. Industrial societies are nearing the end of their lives as their primary energy sources are being drawn down or becoming too expensive to find. Contrary to public opinion that limitless growth is possible on a finite planet, no amount of wishful thinking will rewrite the laws of thermodynamics. The civil religion of progress to the stars has progressed into the destruction of nature on which all humans depend. At this crucial time in world history, we are bringing together our skills and talents with others who share the same calling.


We are not pretending to have all the answers or that our thoughts and actions are the only way forward. We are simply amassing skills that worked for our ancestors in the past and bringing them

back to life to give us a fighting chance to heal ourselves, our cultures, and our planet.


With backgrounds in military intelligence, business administration, permaculture design, and Environmental Sustainability, we saw the need to create the New Revenant Society as a way to develop a network of like-minded doers to make positive impacts in our own locations across the country. We believe the steps we take today will have lasting impacts on a future of de-growth and depopulation.

The future doesn’t have to be one of sorrow and destruction. We can utilize our local resources to connect an era of abundance to a future of less. When so many Americans are depressed, disconnected, and suffering, we believe now is the time to come together to work on something bigger than ourselves. These issues are multi-generational, and we are here to bridge the divide! 


Christopher Michael



Christopher Michael was born into a military family and lived in North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania as a child. After high school, Christopher joined the Army as an intelligence analyst and deployed to Afghanistan to support Operation Enduring Freedom in 2013. The culture shock of living in a hostile country was abated by Christopher’s intense need to understand the people he was fighting against. In his adult life, Christopher has lived in Louisiana, Maryland, and now Virginia. The drive to understand cultures led Christopher to complete a B.A. in Sociology.


While studying in school, Christopher began working in counterintelligence in Washington, D.C. It only took him three years to become sufficiently disgusted with the government and leave. He resigned from his GS-13 position in early 2020 and began looking for the next adventure.


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christopher completed a Master's in Business Administration and began working as a healthcare administrator. The need to feel useful during what seemed to be a fatal hit to the world's health led him to stay in the healthcare field for a year.


Christopher's expertise includes security, military operations, project management, marketing, writing, and strategic analysis. While not working on the property or the New Revenant Society network, Christopher enjoys reading, cooking, drawing, researching, and spending time with his cats, chickens, and ducks.


Christopher David grew up in a rural farming community in Maryland. While exploring the area’s fields and forests, he developed a passion for the plants and animals that call this area home. This passion evolved into a mastery of plant cultivation and propelled him to earn of B.S. in Environmental Sustainability.


While in college Christopher was exposed to the growing movement of tiny house living and once out of college began building his very first tiny house. His passion for nature and sustainable living was merged once he discovered the concept and design ethic of Permaculture.


Since this time, Christopher has worked on several tiny house builds, designed Permaculture properties, and currently resides on an 11-acre property in the mountains of Appalachia. This property is the culmination of years of diligent work in sustainable living practices and permaculture design. Being off-grid has been a challenging experience to break into, but one that aligns with his values and purpose in life.

His expertise includes plant identification, plant propagation, seed saving, and starting, grafting, construction of sustainable systems, animal husbandry, tiny house building, permaculture design, herbal medicine, data collection, and research.

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