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New Release: The Psychology of Collapsing


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Society as we know it is on the decline, and collapse seems to be just around the corner. Understanding psychology, emotional intelligence, and mental health are more important than ever. Christopher Michael, former counterintelligence analyst and co-author of The Millennials Guide to the Future, goes in-depth on the topic of the emotions of a society on the verge of collapse.

This must-read book for anyone having trouble adjusting to the new normal teaches the fundamentals of understanding yourself and others in increasingly dark times. In the book, you’ll find discussion on narcissists, entitlements and letting go, meditation, happiness, personality disorders, an emotional timeline of collapse, and so much more.

Time is quickly running out as energy shortages, wars, pandemics, inflation, and political strife take hold of society and conspire to throw all of us into a deadly tailspin. But, if ever there was a time to truly understand your mental health, it’s now—give yourself a chance before it’s too late.